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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kejohanan Paintball Terbuka - Nescafe Kickstart 2008 - The Conclusion

Here are the official result for the 2008 Nescafe Kickstart PB Tourney, MAPAAC, Kompleks Sukan Astaka, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. With the total participation of 24 teams.

Novice Division :
1st = AMP SIN-X -From &
2nd = RAPTOR -From CyberJaya
3rd = PLANET 1 -From Planet Hollywood KL
4th = SHIMI ARMY -Combo of Shimigami & Dads' Army

Congratulation to all the teams & see you in the coming events.

Another TV Reality Game Show!!

This time the venue is MAPAAC, PJ and the star attraction is Laloque (in case you wonder who he is, a team member of OUTRECS, a D2 team in MY-NPL). Yes, it is the NESCAFE Kickstart Paintball Tournament, the final and crucial part of Laloque long and winding journey of realising his ultimate dream of opening an indoor paintball arena. Not bad…

24 teams were there, including teams from Perak, Pahang and Melaka. The D3 and D4 Champions, OLX and Civet Clan respectively were there, quite a number of familiar faces and teams were also there under different banners: Black Stallion (Screaming Eagles), Rangers (Forestry), Heroes (Masian’s Sons), Shimi Army (Shimigami-X), RC7 (Mom’s Rovers); to name a few. Then, few of new teams especially from MMU Melaka; XHydro Alpha, XHydro Bravo, Echoes. The TV Production crews were also there to take shots of every single part of the preparation of the tournaments, the highs and lows of the event, the drama, the interviews….in fact everybody is the star on that day. Luckily, they did not interview the ice cream man.

Again, the backbone of MY-NPL were seen busy ensuring the smoothness and success of the event; Wong, Wei, Sofian, Seng and their team of dedicated, hard working and ever dependable men. Saifullah from MPRO was there to lead a group of Referees from Team OUTRECS for the tournament. The proceeding of the day started as earlier as 7 in the morning with all the TV crews busy with their preparation, and eventually the game starts at about 8.30 am due to all the shootings and interviews. The day was bright and hot, and the game gets hotter as the day goes by. In the end of the preliminary rounds, Team Shimi Army lead the table garnering a total of 394 points, with Ocean 18 and Raptor in the second and third place respectively. The 16th and last team to the knock-out round has to be decided by a one-on-one game between Team Planet 2 and Team Echoes, with the lady luck was with Team Planet 2.

The knock-out round of the tournament starts after the lunch break, 16 teams fighting in this round of play. The biggest shock of the Quarterfinal Round of Sweet 16 is the lost of the second seeded team form the preliminary round, Team Ocean 18 to Team Heroes, the team of sons of Tuan Hj Masian from Klang (Believe it or not they are 14 of them in the family and seven of them play paintball!). Come to Quarterfinal Round of Elite 8, the D3 Champions of MY-NPL Round 1, Team OLX and the third placed team in MY-NPL Round 1 D4, Team Vanguard suffered shock in the hands of Team AMP Sin-X and Team Planet 1 respectively, whilst Team Shimi Army whitewashed their opponent at this stage. In the end, Team Shimi Army played Team AMP Sin-X whilst Team Raptors encountered Team Planet 1 in the best of three game of the semifinal round.

At the semifinal stage, Team Shimi Army, as the tournament favourite, suffered their shock straight game defeat under the hand of Team AMP Sin-X. Everybody was flabbergasted and suddenly all focus of the tournament shifted to the team of radio broadcasters and personalities from Sinar.FM and X-Fresh. In the meantime Team Raptor from MMU Cyberjaya, as expected easily brushed off the challenge from Team Planet 1 from Planet Hollywood KL. Raptor against AMP Sin-X in the final…who would bet their money on them!!! But it was an interesting and closed final with both teams playing their heart out for the title. And in the end the winner has to be decided by a one-on-one with Team AMP Sin-X tasting their first ever victory as the Champion. Kudos to the team..!

In the end, the day finished with a huge relief for Laloque and his team. Now, he has to endure the anxious moment of truth, result of the programme! GOOD LUCK TO LALOQUE….

Monday, 17 March 2008

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