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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Villain 1-on1- Challenge Series #03!

Villain 1-on-1 Challenge Series is back again! Again, same as last time; new formats and rules (we did say that we going to experiment things around). It will be held next Sunday at MAPAAC, Astaka PJ from 8.30am onwards.

• Sunday 13th April, 2008
• MAPAAC, Astaka PJ
• 8.30am

• Preliminary round, minimum 4 games against random picked opponents.
• Unlimited reloads! reload all you want
• Gametime still 2 minutes. Touch opponent's gate for the win.
• Best of 3, from second round onwards to the finals.

• Players can bring their own markers/loaders
• Shooting mode - MY-NPL, Semi-auto uncapped
• Those without emarker, MAPAAC will have 2 emarkers on standby. Could be a Cyborg, Droid or anything else! LOL!

• 1 case of 2000 rounds, RM200. 1 bag of 500 rounds, RM60
• RM10 for field & air charges and crazy fun

New Seedings/Rankings
• This time around, ranking points will be awarded to players. Details will be in later (or on that day itself LOL!)

Registration/Game day
Register your name, nick & phone number at the comment box below.
• Come on Sunday 13th April, 8.30am sharp.
• Bring some boxes of tissues, cause you'll be crying one way or another!
• Bring your happy/fun mood pls.

Prizes (may change drastically throughout the day LOL!)
• 2 bottles mineral water
• 1 can of flower drink
• 1 packet of assorted nuts,
• 1 bag of Paint
& Exclusive interview & photoshoot at Villainpaintball & much much MORE!

What you geting back besides the weird prizes up there?
• Gain some respect from ballers for a week
• Made some enemies also
• You face pimping all over this blog
• Bragging rights


Anonymous said...

count me in


Caranthir said...

Currently there are about 14 players signed up. Semua pakai sms je.. mangkuk betul.. hahaha