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Monday, April 21, 2008

Congratulations Laloque - Nescafe Kickstart 2008 WINNER!

Malaysian paintball notches another win this time around, with Laloque winning the 2008 Nescafe Kickstart reality show and the prize money of RM150,000!. From running a small PB clinic to organise PB tournament, he manage to convinced the judges & his voters why his dream should be the ultimate of all dreams!

I'm a casual follower of the show, but here's what the other four finalist dreams are - RAZAISYAM who wants to be a movie producer/director, MAHIRAH wants to open her own swimming academy and SHIRLEY wants to open a cake and tart shop. Congratz to them also for getting this far in the competition.

So, last Sunday 20th, the paintball gang grouped together at the Malaysian Paintball Academy (MAPAAC) and we all watch the show as the results about to be announce. Teams who came for practice had to stop and join in the Laloque fever! hehehe..

In the studio, Laloque's close friends & supporters gave him the morale support he needed during the announcement. The tense situation doesn't help us to calm the nerves here.

Click on the photos to enlarge it (as if you don't know by now)

The waiting and suspense is killing us!

Then, the announcement of the winner...


"Haa.. korang tengok tuh, sorak sakan tak control hensem! Sempat ehem-ehem lak sorang lagi tu.."

And then, couple of hours later, Laloque dropped my MAPAAC and we had a celebration going on for him. MUD bath!!!

"Gelak la korang, dier nih ader duit nak beli EVO 8 dah woi! hahaha"

Then some photoshoot with the winner.

Congratz Laloque, you deserved it. You made MAPAAC and the paintball community very happy!

Gallery - (71 photos!)

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Some background info of Laloque at Nescafe Kickstart

Your Current Job/College/University
Mechanical engineering student at Multimedia University Melaka.

Your dream job
My dream job is to open an indoor paintball park. Paintball is getting popular among Malaysian nowadays and will be a chance of business. Paintball is my passion and with this love and passion I am confident that this sport can make a successful business in the future. It also can solve all the problems such as weather and suits very well for busy people.

Your strong points
It will be the 1st ever indoor paintball park in Malaysia.

Because this is where every dream job becomes reality.

Favourite hang out place
Most of the time is at mamak stall and friends’ house.

Favourite movies/food/drinks
My mom’s cooking and my favourite drink is Nescafe ice. My favourite movie for last year is TRANSFORMER.

In your free time, you like to...
Have a chat with my friends and surfing internet.

Any blog?

What or who motivates you?
All my friends and team mates give me inspiration towards my dream job. Not to forget my family and the only one that I love very much that give me motivation. Most motivating and inspiring for is my passion in this sports.

Who was the first person you called when you were informed you are one of the semi-finalists?
Nurul Liana bt Ismail.


I would like to thank team OUTRECS Paintballers, MAPAAC, Taman Desa Kapakians, MMU Melaka and to all my friends that support me towards my dream job. Sorry if your name didn’t stated here because there are so many of you. Only god knows how thank I am to all of you. I appreciate it in every single help from you guys!!!


+++SkEtcHyfAa+++ said...

cm kenal je mamat pkai bju kuning n spek yang ngan menyorak tuh.. =)