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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

IRM Paintball Assault - Charity thru Sports - 26th July 2008

Iman Intellect Sdn Bhd, Barnie Redzan Prod. and Si Rimba is organizing a charity paintball tournament on the 26th July 2008 at Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia in order to raise funds for Islamic Relief Malaysia’s "China Earthquake” and “Palestine’s Gaza Appeal”.

Come and join the fun in this first-ever street or urban paint ball tournament in Malaysia by registering your team(s) with the form provided.

For more details you can contact us at 603-89486334 (Iskandar / Rina), or you can email us at

Hope to see you on that day!


Islamic Relief Malaysia

Tournament Details:

  • Open markers, with semi-auto mode, uncapped. An additional side arm would also be allowed. All set at 280fps max.
  • The use of paint grenades is also are allowed.
  • All woodsball accessories (scope, red dot, spare tank etc.) are also allowed including communication devices.
  • Basically anything goes, be it woodsball or speedball set up, with the exception of shorts due to safety reason
  • Camo designs can be used
  • The color orange is still the protected color & not to be used by players.
Players & hits
  • 5 armed player plus 2 unarmed players namely the Captain & Medic respectively.
  • Unarmed players (captain & medic) can be eliminated only by a head-shot.
  • Headshot to the captain will end the game immediately.
  • Medic need to retrieve the ‘medic kit’ placed inside the field before can revive any shot player.
  • Armed players come with 3 lives, which need to be revived by the medic within 30sec, failing so will be eliminated.
  • Eliminated medic can’t be revived.
  • Role of captain & medic can be changed in every game.
  • Player will stop & freeze on the spot once hit while waiting for the medic.
  • There are no starting boards, players start the game from any point along the back border, with barrel pointing down.
  • Game time is 10 minutes.
  • Team need to grab 3 flags put around the field & hand it over to the captain.
  • Grabbed flag will be handed to the captain. Game ends when all 3 flags within the captain’s possession.
  • Each flag carries 5 points
  • ED will be the deciding factor in determining a winner
  • Number of elimination will also be counted for tie-breaker
*media coverage is confirmed.

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Results & Photos Update!

Result of IRM Urban Assault tourney:

1st - Mud Legion
2nd - Marauderz Assault
3rd - Marauderz Berserkers

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