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Monday, July 21, 2008

THE SULTAN OF KEDAH CUP(19-20 July,2008) - The Conclusion

The event was organised by The State of Kedah,PALS Events & Kedah Paintball Association offering RM45,000.00 worth of prize money to be won.Prize money breakdown was till 8th position for each division which for me was the main attraction for teams to this event held at The Carnival, Sungai Petani, Kedah D.A.Registration also included a 3 nights of free stay in a superior room inclusive of breakfast and free entrance into waterpark for the whole team at The Cinta Sayang Golf and Country Resort just a walking distants from The Carnival.

The airsmith did a great job providing us with above 4k air all throughout the touney, the bunker layout was great & the paint was ok.Both emcee for the day was ok but i do would like to suggest to the organiser to invest on a few walkie talkie, even the cheap China one's will do. Having to hear "Ravi, can you do something about the Draxxus field" or having one of the emcee at the official tent calling for the other emcee who's at the other end of the field like "Sub, where are you?come here now" over the airwave was kinda annoying.

2 field setup for the tourney but as from my previous posting both field was just not on par,for me the worst 2 tournament fields i've seen.There was a pullout from 2 team & i'm sure a lot more would have done the same if the tourney was a bit closer to home.Injuries was the main concern as there's atleast 3 main tourney in this 1 month time to lookout for.The 6hour roadtrip from KL would have set a team back bout RM500 for toll & petrol on an MPV so i believed a few team did a calculated decision to just stay on in the tourney.

Props to Team Boonie Dogs from Guam,nice chatting with you Ric$t3r.Hope to see you again soon in Malaysia.

The Official results are not out yet, will post it up once it's up.Hell, i don't even know what position my team is at.


Open Division
3rd-Demonz Red
5th-Boonie Dogs
6th-Rimba Bandits
7th-Orient Legion

Am/Novice Division
1st-Iron C
3rd-D'Mercy Kidz
7th-Demonz Lucifer
8th-Alien Legion

- Prize Money
- Accomodations & Location
- 4k air all the way
- Nasi Lemak Stall with the RM0.60 Teh O Ais
- Paul's Kungfu moves


- Fields
- No walkie talkie


Caranthir said...

I want to see that KUNG FU move please.. hehe

khairul said...

ahad nanti kita tunjuk itu KUNG FU move cam Dlm tv tu....

Caranthir said...

Ooo.. keluar TV ka? Ok, update sini ya? nak tengok saper leh buat Kungfu Harimau! hehee..

khairul said...

tak kua tv cume, aksi nya cam dlm tv nye move ... byk pengaruh tv ni nasib dia tak buat aksi action kamen or ultraman hahahahah

badman said...

woit.. aku pun nak tgk jugak gaya kung fu tu... heheheh