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Monday, February 08, 2010

How many 'licensed' operators are out there?

So I've been told that there are only a few licensed paintball operators here in the Klang Valley. And there are a few more in other states. Not sure who they are? You can start by asking at your favourite place.

Is your regular hangout is 'legit'? No harm in asking right? It's your right to know.

If they can't give you a definitive answer, maybe it's time to take your business elsewhere. Then please share with others of your findings here. Maybe we could compile a list of 'legit' operators for all to see. Would it be an awesome 'list' to have for the new year

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badman said...

most would claim they're legit as no one bother to ask for the actual legit 'papers' as proof...

Kine said...

What can a legit operator offer an illegitimate one cannot to a tourney player?

Just asking, coz on both you still have to sign a waiver form ...

Caranthir said...

Badman, you said it. We're so comfortable that what we don't know, won't hurt us.

Kine, one thing for sure, having valid 'license' you can use and keep markers at the premises. Not talking about tournament or anything, this is just the normal business operation.

You will from time to time, be regulate by authorities at 'Peace Hill'. This will also ensure that certain standard safety procedures must be adhered, for the safety of the 'sport'.

badman said...

if 'legal' means owning a licence, then which one would really considered as 'legit'..?
- lesen perniagaan/syarikat?
- licence to operate paintball field..?
- licence to keep/carry?
- lesen premis?

does 'lesen pusat permainan paintball' really exist..?
just few questions from a know-nothing guy here... man, all these laws & licencing thingy are confusing lah..

flanker said...

I think the most important to note is whether they have proper insurance coverage as a field operator. If anything happens and they're not 'legit', then you cannot be compensated.

Caranthir said...

let's emphasize on 'firearm' license for now. Cause that's what we truly want to know.

As many would know, that IS the license to have in order to run a paintball field. And then, you still need those regular business licenses as well on top of it.

Hmmm... I know just the person to ask.

Oh, waiver forms are pretty standard stuff, and we're all know that when you sign it, they're (operators) are not to be held responsible should anything bad happens. Whether they have insurance covered or not, we're pretty much on our own.