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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paintball Manager - Web based paintball game (Season 10)

I have reviewed this game before and since then it has getting alot of attention from Malaysian ballers. Not to mention from other Asian countries as well such as Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

As at the time of this posting, the total Malaysian teams stands at 116. In a few days time when season 10 starts, inactive managers and teams will be remove. Previously I tried to get as many Malaysian teams to get registered so we can have our own national league, and it has become a reality! Thank you guys. We made it the first season and we already have the winners.

Those that played this game would also know that the first World League has already started and Malaysia finished first in the World League: Division 1.2 and earned a spot in the Championship Series against the World's best.

So, if you haven't join the game like us here, what are you waiting for? If its too hard at the moment you can always ask any of the Malaysian team's manager. I'm sure you'll get the help you need. If you want to read the review of this game in detail, here's the page -->

Join the game here -


Kine said...

if there's a need for it, we can ask the dev to setup a Malaysian forum alongside the public one so local managers have a central board for Q&A and stuff.

and congrats to all winners :)

Caranthir said...

Yep, we should have our own too.

incik amat said...

div 1.1..
no 11..
team sape la nie...

Caranthir said...