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Monday, September 27, 2010

Paintball Photography Clinic by Residentevilchef

Experience paintball in a whole new way through an action photography clinic with profesional photographer Dez Residentevilchef Foo.

Calling all serious outdoor sports photography hobbyists interested in bringing their skills to the next level! For the very first time in Sarawak, organized by and , a paintball photography clinic will be held in conjunction of Sarawak Chief Minister’s Cup 2010 .

Do you see great paintball action shots all around you but have not quite figured out how to capture it in camera? Just like other sports photography, paintball photography involves speed, accuracy and thinking ahead. Although most photographers are positioned on the sidelines, they aren’t always out of harm’s way. With their attention focused on the action, photographers may not have enough time to react to a player running straight toward them or getting caught up in the line of fire. Unexpected injuries can happen in any sports game, and sports photographers are no exception.

If this sounds like you, then bring your camera and get ready to have some fun photographing paintballers in action with professional photographer Desmond "Residentevilchef" Foo. During this clinic we will be covering everything from the basics of exposure, lighting, composition and eye relief issues, damage control and paintball photography techniques. If you have questions feel free to contact aiok at 0168770155.

You can check out this for latest updates on this clinic.

Note: Great opportunity to learn from the best! Besides photographing paintball, Desmond also shoots Events, Fashion, Food, Interiors & Architecture, Landscape & Environment, Portraits, Products & Weddings. Now that's a Pro.


badman said...

wish i could attend this, but... :-/

Caranthir said...

'bud' what? LOL! Just go lah.

badman said...

budget la bang... tgh cari 'excuse' la ni... heheheh... ;-)