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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Justin Rabackoff Paintball Clinic

Looks like its confirmed that we'll be having Justin Rabackoff Paintball Clinic right before the World Cup Asia. Justin has won many Pro events and is currently playing with Russian Legion (PSP), Tamapa Bay Damage (NPPL) and Frankfurt Syndicate (CPL).


Justin "J-Rab" Rabackoff
Birthdate: October 6, 1988
Hometown: Washington DC
Pro Experience: 4 years
Total Years Playing: 11 years

I got involved in my paintball because of my Dad, Steve Rabackoff – legendary, old school, original Avalanche paintball player and Coach. I was lucky enough to be around some of the great paintball players as I grew up, watching and learning from the best. In 1998, I played in my first event with a team called Ham & Cheese – the Great Western Series at Camp Pendleton in San Diego. In 2004, I started my first true Xball team - D.C Devastation. Coached by my dad. My brother, Brandon Rabackoff also played with me. We won our 1st event in 2005!

At the end of 2005, D.C Devastation broke up. I went on to try out for and made the team - Sacramento XSV. I played with XSV at a time when they were one of the best teams in the world. World Cup 2005 was my first tournament playing with them. We finished second place to dynasty. The following year I joined Team Infamous. That was a great time in my career.

In 2007, I did something most pro players would not do I went back down to Division 2 to play with Team Nasty. My dad was coaching and my brother was playing on the team. I got to take a year off from being a pro. I was able to play with my friends and my brother. Taking a step back to play with Nasty helped me work on my leadership ability.

At the end of 2007, I received a chance to tryout for the Russian Legion. I was one of ten players competing for three positions. I earned a spot on the team playing the snake side. I was off to a slow start in 2008. I was trying to learn the Russian Legion’s winning skills. I continued to work hard. My hard work paid off, I made the first team in the middle of the year. I was also playing in the NPPL 7-man series with D.C Arsenal Evolution, semi-pro 7-Man team. In the two years that I played with DC Arsenal, we won seven out of nine events.

Splat Magazine named me the “2009 Paintball Player of the Year.” I also made their “Ultimate 7-man team.” These are amazing awards that were only possible with the help and support of my many talented teammates.

In 2010, I joined Tampa Bay Damage for the NPPL 7-man series. I also joined Frankfurt Syndicate for the European Millennium series. I currently play with the Russian Legion for PSP Xball’s “Race to 7.”

My successful career and accomplishments are only possible because of the continued support and encouragement from the many people in my life: Jon Richardson, Rusty Glaze, Sergey Leontiev, Brian Fow, Kevin Rudulph, Tom Fore,G-no Benedicto, my Russian Legion coaches, Nicky Cuba, Alex Fraige, Ryan Greenspan and most importantly my dad.

Career Achievements

3rd Place Frankfurt Syndicate Millennium Series 3rd place overall
1st Place NPPL Pro Overall Champions Tampa Bay Damage
1st Place NPPL Las Vegas Championships
1st Place PSP Mid-Atlantic Open
2nd Place Millennium Series London England
1st Place NPPL DC Challenge 7-Man
1st Place NPPL Chicago Open 7-Man
3rd Place Millennium Series Bitberg, Germany
3rd Place Millennium Series Malaga, Spain

1st Place Russian Legion Overall PSP World Series Champions
1st Place PSP World Cup Champions Russian Legion
1st Place PSP Chicago Open
1st Place Millennium Series Antalya, Turkey
2nd Place Millennium Series Paris, France
1st Place Millennium Series Bitberg, Germany
1st Place NPPL 7-man semi-pro Huntington Beach, California
1st Place NPPL 7-man West Coast Open
1st Place NPPL 7-man DC Challenge
1st Place 7-man Super 7 Perth, Australia

1st Place 7-man Overall Champions Semi-Pro
1st Place NPPL 7-man semi-pro Huntington Beach, California
1st place NPPL 7-man semi-pro Jacksonville, Florida
1st Place NPPL 7-man semi-pro Buffalo, New York
1st Place NPPL 7-Man semi-pro San Diego, California

1st Place 7-Man Commanders Cup Semi-Pro

2nd Place PSP World Cup Pro


Kine said...

someone needs to spike J-Rab's dinner with belacan. He will remember Malaysia...

Caranthir said...

LOL! Give him some kerdas, budu & petai to remember us.

Update: Russian Legion won PSP World Cup 2010! Another podium in JRabs impressive resume.