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Thursday, October 07, 2010

MPOC 2010 - After the Finale

The final leg of MPOC 2010 finally rolled down its curtains last weekend. MPSJ Stadium in Subang Jaya provided a great backdrop to a finale that everyone is waiting for. The field was in excellent condition even after heavy downfall the night before and in the morning of the first day. The track side provided alot of cool shades and dry ground for players area. The grandstand offered a unobstructed view of both fields and spectators gets to enjoy the weekend watching good paintball from a covered stands.

The new scoreboard was introduced first time in the final leg and it added a different dimension to the game. Especially Division 1 players where time is always a factor. It felt good to always know the current score, time left and time break in between. It helped alot on your strategy and gameplan. The scoreboard works beautifully on the first day. The distinct sound of game buzzer helps the game to start much efficietly. Somehow on Sunday morning, the scoreboards wasn't working and we had to resort back to manual scoring. But they got it back to work soon and everything was smooth sailing.

Another point of interest was that Thailand's team Infernal made their debut in this final leg of MPOC. They were expecting to give everybody a run for their money since they have been performing consistently in Malaysia for the past few years. Winners of ISSC 2010 and World Cup Asia 2008, surely that are the team to be expected to be in the finals. In their way, Macdev Ronin, X-Fox and Demonz Red were fighting for the overall Championship with only ONE point difference between them.

As expected, Infernal made it into the semis along with Ronin, X-Fox and Demonz. This promises a great matchup between Ronins vs Infernal and X-Fox vs Demonz. Demonz brushed aside the Foxes to reach the final while Ronins beat Infernal. In the finals, Demonz edged Ronins slightly to take home the win and the overall Championship. Heartbreak for Macdev Ronins, as the have been leading the MPOC rankings up till the end but only lost out the title only from a countback. Getting into four finals in a season was a huge achievement and they showed remarkably high consistency finishes.

I could never praise enough on the amount of upgrades that have been poured into MPOC. This year, they have invested heavily in the Sup'Air Arenas and new venues. Now with fill stations in each pit area and a spanky new LED Scoreboard for X-Ball type games, it can only get better towards World Cup Asia. Despite all of these, one thing that weren't consistent enough was of course the refereeing. I had to find out the hard way and we had some really poor refereeing made against us while other teams got off lightly. I also noticed that with there weren't enough referees to cover the action especially Division 1 games and sometimes players get pulled out very late or nothing happened at all. Spectators also saw that some calls can be made easily and straightforward had the referees were more alert to spot the hit.

In future events, I hope more referees will be placed in the semis and finals game of Division 1 and 2. It's already hard enough to play against any Divsion 1 team and when you have calls went the wrong way cause of zero alertness, that is just heartbreaking. PC Trauma was one of the victim and they subsequently shied away from this leg. Our friends from STK Australia, told us of how one Malaysian team with their notorious reputation made it all the way there. But they came anyway for some good time with us and they did! They enjoyed the atmosphere, field and the whole Malaysian hospitality. We'll be seeing them again this November - as the enemy!

A big shout out to team sponsors and friends: Macdev, PBFashion, Napshot, TAG Paintball, Sabah Paintball Association, PALS and not to forget Rock N' Rollas for pitting and coaching whenever they can, friends and family. We also took best team for East Malaysia Region; Sabah represent - Boleh bah kalau kau! And last but not least, Desmond Foo (residentevilchef) for those wonderful photos!

Action photos by and Bob Tahar.