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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Villain 1on1 Challenge - Videos

Well here's the videoclip you guys been waiting for.The 1st clip was simple but the 2nd clip took me almost the whole night to finish plus the rendering was a #&^$^.Had a lot of trouble to convert the finish file into a smaller one.Anyway, enjoy.

Just in
The 3rd & final video clip is up.There were a few minor rendering problems effecting the smoothness of the video in some parts.Too lazy to redo it so don't be a whiner & just accept it as it is muahahahaha.

Part 1 - Registration & Smacktalk time (File Size 3mb)

Part 2 - Attack Mode (File Size 34mb)

Part 3 - Black Maria (File Size 18.1mb)


Anonymous said...

tq guy for the video
appreciate it... ^0^

darlie said...

hey hey! nice to see the vids up, anyway i can download them?

Jon said...

yay vids ! good job ^_^

Kherox said...

yes,u can download it.just go to ,search for Villain 1on1 at video hosted by google & then dwload it from there.

isky said...

awesome vids. :D thanks guys for the event. :)