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Monday, December 10, 2007

World Cup Asia - The Conclusion

REAPER! Aauuu!!

(okay, that sounds weird on writing, but trust me.. they sound pretty nasty in real life)

LOL! I'm on leave today, so I can't process my photos yet. My PC here at home just couldn't handle the amount of data. So, i'll post some tomorrow instead, when I'm back at office.

Okay, I'll be editing the photos thoughout the week, beginning with the banner.

Oh, by the way, here are the results:

Div 1
1. Team Reaper (South Africa)
2. Team Datis (Iran)
3. Team Alien 11 (Thailand)

Div 2
1. Team Nemesis (Malaysia)
2. Team Anti-Heroes (USA)
3. Team Demonz Red (Malaysia)

Div 3
1. Team Zealous (Malaysia)
2. Team Sogo Ballbusters (Malaysia)
3. Team CRV (Malaysia)

Overall PALS champion
Div 1 - Team Datis (Iran)
Div 2 - Team Global Gutz (Philippines)
Div 3 - Team Zealous (Malaysia)

Congratz to the winners. It's nice to see MY-NPL teams came out tops!

I'm still processing the photos, so they'll be gradually added to the gallery. Keep on checking guys!

Gallery - Saturday (168 photos!) Pheeww!...

Gallery - Sunday (194 photos! - I'm done)

Any feedbacks, comments & experience on WCA you'd like to share with everyone, please do so and use the comment link below.


Jon said...

nice pics ! great job man

omg i like the XSV's SL74

Awesome ^_^

chucky said...


Anonymous said...

Well here we are people the post tournament talk. First I have to say congrats to the winners but also much respect to all the teams. Team wise this is one of the most friendly tournament I have ever attend, each team/ player were nice going an easy to chat with for the most part but I have to give a special shout to the best the Aussies, Team Reaper and Team Datis you guys are awesome.

Now comes the time for the B*tching if you will. As I stated the teams were great but out of all the tournament I have been to this Tournament is self SUCKED! Before everyone jumps to the defensive let me explain a few things. What I mean about the tournament it self sucked I mean by the organization, "THE MAN"! Lets break it down shall we will a few key points.

[b]First:[/b] I think the most "easy" to fix, the crono. I mean holy **** man, one.....for like 60 something teams. You have to be freaking kinding me. That just stupid. Out of all the money "you" raped from everyone you can at least buy two more. Thats just sad!!
Second:[/B] I going to have to talk about the paint, the over price *** raping you gave everyone. You all need to go back to school an learn about "supply" and "demand". Its a Paintball tournament you have a high demand for paint now you need to have the supply (at decent prices) you going to make you money regardless on paint. Its that simple I don't know where you all learned your business ethics but you all suck at it!

[B]Third:[/B] DAMN!! Can I get some air over here please!!! Okay this was suppose to be the "premier" Asian paintball tournament and you don't have a working and or better compressor. Also don't even that out of all the fields there supposedly was there you couldn't ask one of the field owners there to "borrow" theirs! That was sad when I'm in whats was "called" a "World Class Tournament" (A BAD JOKE) an we got people running out of air on the field because all they can get is a filled to 2100-3000 psi on my god I just want to cry*

[B]Fourth:[/B] I think the most important you organization of the tournament was......"I can't think of a nice word to say". You know even before the tournament started I saw it, When supposedly you have a comity whom it in charge of setting everything up....."can I scream now!" Lets breaking this one down even more:

- takes forever if at all to get an e-mail returned
- posting up half decent schedule on time. On the schedule what the "F" was up with that "BS", 12 mother games in one day when you have a 3 day tournament (dumb!) Let me give you some help, you have a morning schedule and an afternoon what you do is you have X amount of team come in to play in the morning from lets say 0700-1200 for play anywhere from 6-8 games them have the rest of the teams come in to do the afternoon then have the switch the next day to finish out the rest of their games. SERIOUS do you have ANY idea that the "F" you are doing, in those 12 games you had us playing back to back you have people hurting themselves due to heat! Plus even if we there was a "real" reason why we all had to play 12 game in one day why not space them out more and not stop once it got dark SPECIALLY when you have more the sufficient lighting. I can go one for days on this one but I just going to leave you with this. From what I got its the most important and what everyone commonly feels the same way.
-Players Party........"So where is my drink" enough said!

Okay I'm going to get off my "high horse" now and leave you with that, I sure my fellow ballers have other things to say also. But the next time I go to Malaysia I guess I going to have to do some shopping, eating and play "GOLF" at one of the 4.......0 golf courses!

Caranthir said...

Hey Marc, thanks for dropping by. it's a shame things that shouldn't happened, did happened. weather was pretty easy on us (i kid you not, better than 35C in the middle of the year). and i was quite surprised when most of the teams had to play 12 games.

i'd die of exhaustion if i were you! LOL!

Jon said...

hah he post at xtion forums ^_^

yah after the 12 games on the first day, most of the d3 teams were half dead. they got a day of rest tho.

cant say much about the d2 and d1 players... must be very tired.

Jon said...

hey why isnt there photos for friday ?? ^_^

Caranthir said...

Cause I couldn't make it! :D besides, it was raining the whole day.

Jon said...

hah u need a new sidekick ^_^

yeah it drizzled the whole morning till about 3:30pm

anyways love the pics .... got any more ?

Caranthir said...

gotta wait. Still processing Sunday photos.

dimple gamgee said...

nice pics carathir!! :)

when todo went home on sunday he fell asleep in less then 5 mins!!

damn tourneys are exhausting but fun!! :D

Broomey said...

Fantastic pics, how do I go about getting some copies of the photos you have on here.

Cheers from Australia
Rachael - Team Bitchin'

Panglima Manggis said...

hi bro, brilliant photos. wish i was there. do you know how i could embed the photos on my website ( which is another ?


Caranthir said...

Hey Joyce. glad you liked the photos. Poor todo, hehehe.

those foreign teams are quite something

Caranthir said...

Rachael & Panglima Manggis

you guys can grab the photos at my picasa gallery

Jon said...

why is there a dude using a MilSig M-16 ??

in the photos on sunday i believe ^_^

Caranthir said...

Jon, he's a pro player from Team ICEMAN. not sure who exactly. after that game, he changed back to his regular gun.

Jon said...

Stephan Brun from Studio City Icemen

just found out from darlie