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Friday, May 15, 2009

A Different Mother’s Day

Of guns and roses on Mother’s Day

IT WAS a sight to behold as dozens of middle-aged women entered the battleground, wearing face masks, and vests and armed with paintball guns.

Among the eager “soldiers” were Datin Seri Jane Ong (wife of MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat), Datin Heng Cheng Leng (wife of MCA secretary-general Datuk Wong Foon Meng), Datin Seri Lee Sun Loo (wife of Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai) and Kelana Jaya MCA chairman-cum-Wanita division chairman Ong Chong Swen.

During the 10-minute battle, they fired paintball bullets at their opponents fiercely, and each team suffered a few casualties.

Upon leaving the battle field, Jane said, “It’s quite exciting and fun!”

The event, aptly named A Different Mother’s Day, was organised by the Kelana Jaya MCA division to enable the women to try their hand at paintball.

Time for action: The guests-of-honour firing their paintball guns to start the event.

A total of 19 teams, with members coming from as far as Ipoh, joined in the fun in the competition held at Subang Jaya.

“The aims of this event include encouraging the women to challenge themselves to do something they normally wouldn’t, celebrating Mother’s Day outdoors with a group of mothers for a change, and cultivating camaraderie among the members,” Chong Swen said.

Addressing the participants, Jane said, “This is my first time playing paintball; my daughter asked me whether I could handle it and I replied, ‘Why not? Age is not a problem.’”

In conjunction with the Mother’s Day celebration, each of the mothers who were present received a small token – a delicate glass rose – that reflected their selfless love for their children.

Note: Looks like they had the event at TT Sports, Subang Jaya. Good exposure on paintball for women, especially politicians! But, notice any safety issues here? Hmmm...

Source: The Star Online


badman said...

err.. those shooting got mask on, but how about the spectators? aren't they suppose to be at least behind a net or something..?

Caranthir said...

Exactly! That girl was terrified of the sound! Showed how close it really was!

Bro. Fez said...

Stop! Or my mom will shoot! Hahaha...

badman said...

without any proper introduction to the strict safety procedures that's being practice, the mass would only see the sports as 'violence' sports with players shooting (& also swearing/cheating) at each other in the field, just like WWE on TV...!

how would they see & understand the true values abt discipline & teamwork in the sport if these are the image being portrayed to them.

Anonymous said...

could not agree wit u more..

unlike the PRO players , they dun swear, dun yell, never shoot up close/overshooting, cheat, display non violent behaviour, quarrel, etc. Yep..