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Monday, May 11, 2009


PART 1 – How To build a Championship winning team like Nemesis Legion

I came to play for Nemesis Legion at the MY-NPL ’07 Finale. They were short of players & I was offered the chance to guest for them. The team was already solid with Hasnata “Boss”,Awe,Mango,Soon,Solo & Jr already part of the team. Played mostly as the 7th guy in the team & the team had decent run finishing 3rd. Played again for them at the Malaysian Super Seven ’07 & after that tourney I was considered as a permanent player with them.

From the outside, being a Nemesis player is what all players dream of being apart of. Hey, what’s there not to love about, you play with among the best pool of players in Malaysia, you play for free, yes FREE. You’ll get all the PB stuff that you need, marker,hopper,jersey,pants etc & not forgetting shoot all you can pallet during training & tourney. You only need to buy your own battery & drink.So what’s there not to love being on Nemesis………huhuhu

Ohhh, I forgot to mention that players also get a cut from the prize money won during tourney. 20% of the money will go to the club fund & the balance 80% will be shared among team members. We bring back home about RM400++ each if we got 1st at MY-NPL events. This was what motivated the players to do their best in every tourney so that at the end of the day, not only will we get the glory of a podium finish but also a decent enough pay day.

Another reason why I believe Nemesis was so successful was because of the strict discipline instil into each player. You cannot smoke during training session & tourney, you can’t be late for training, training is almost every week & it’s a must to be on every training session. We follow these rules almost to the dot & to me it is something that each team should try to follow. Doesn’t necessary mean that you follow as what Nemesis did like no smoking etc but the presence of discipline in the team alone will be a plus to the overall morale & performance. Another up is to have a strong & respected figure that all will look up to & respect and in Nemesis’s case it’s the big boss himself, Hasnata.

Next instalment will be about What really happened the evening after ISSC closing ceremony & what made 1 Nemesis player being sack ,the team captain being fine and reprimanded & 1 more player being reprimanded.


tomato said...

interesting. cant wait for part 2