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Saturday, May 09, 2009


Another rumour that's brewing is that a paintball site situated in the heart of Petaling Jaya is about to be given an eviction notice by the local council. It seems that rental payment for the site has not been made since Day 1 of it opening up for business a few years ago. Due rental amount is closed to RM75k.

The local council plans to make the current site as a multi purpose sport center with futsal being it's main attraction.

So what is to become of the current paintball site where elite players are born.hmmm who knows?anyway, it's still just a rumour...


Anonymous said...

Hmm, will it mean that alot of us have to move home fields...

Blitzkrieg said...

Some people might cheer for this, and some people don't. But in the end, it's the players are going to be affected.

Passion will be lost.

Anonymous said...

since we are on the topic, i heard RUMOURS that the site is running its business illegally. by sponsoring a team which consist of MBPJ officials, made the the matters disappear into thin air. now we really need BPR to check on this.

you claim that ppl said that u r stupid to do this business getting no profit. u think we are stupid? enough with the drama, videos of you crying?? hahahaha....BULLS**T!!!

quote from a succesfull businessman "aiyo boss, mana ada bisnes tarak untung punya??"

Anonymous said...

rumours are just rumours. lets not post accusations without any proof. lets not abuse freedom of speech.

deadpgx said...

whatever it is..plz dont kill this game...
we all love paintball..
so plzz la...
jangan bikin huru hara

Anonymous said...

ko orang nih mangkuk betulah...tak payah la buat cite lebih lebih...macam bagus blog nih...

Anonymous said...

Kepada semua yg tau hal ni,

Saje nak campur garam dan gula,tempat yang korang main paintball tu,tak kira la haram ke halal ke bukannya bapak ke atuk koorang yang bayor.Lantak le kalau operator tu nak bayor ke tidak.Duit yg korang bayor field charge tu pun jgn pertikaikan.Paintball yg korang main tu pun jgn la ditanya.
Tu la orang kita atau lebih senang cakap player malaysia...bila ada masaalah macam ni diperbesar besarkan.Bagi aku tak patut la buat kacau business org lain.Cuba org kacau business korang,apa rasa?Adakah ia manis atau masin?Zaman skarang ni memanglah zaman susah,sedangkan kilang pun boleh tutup.Jadi,apa kata jgn perbesarkan hal ni.Bior la operator tu handle kes depa tu sendiri janji kita bley main paintball sama sama,happy happy dan maju bersama.Sepatutnya bila kawan susah kita kena tolong tapi nampaknya semua macam happy je pasal kes ni.Korang pikir la sendiri,mana lagi nak main kat PJ ni.Mr Wong pun kira kawan korang gak dan kawan aku.Kalu tak kluar citer ni,smua kejadian aneh mcm kes prize money,gaduh gaduh ngan Mr Wong semua tak kluar.

Jadi kita pikir pikir la smua,patut kah atau tak patut.Setahu aku pasal prize money tu Mr Wong ade gak delay tapi pokoknya dia bayor gak.Setengah team pun ada ambik hutang tak bayor paint lepas tourney tapi Mr Wong pun tak la kejor mcm dikejor anjing.

Aku neutral dlm kes ni.


Anonymous said...

so confirm ke kes ni pasal padang MAPAAC?

nasib baik juga la ada orang cerita pasal hal ni,takkan semua benda nak kena sorok-sorok. Team aku dah la main sebulan 1x atau 2x je.Tak pasal-pasal datang nanti tengok-tengok tinggal jadi macam padang jarak padang terkukur je.

Blitzkrieg said...

My first impression on this blog is that the webmaster is pro-Mapaac. Now why the sudden turnaround?

Players are starting to beg not to kill this game.

If all is lost, you guys are to be blamed.

So use your head wisely.

Anonymous said...

kalo x leh main paintball...main lah golf aje... hahahaha

aku pun ingat dulu blog ni pro- MAPAAC, bila hal ni dah blaku mane korang nak main? MPOC ke? tau korang nak buka field sendiri?

Anonymous said...

these guys used to be seen as anti mpoc & you guys were demanding for fair & equal bashing for both side of the field. Now, when wong's under their scope, you guys want them to stop & let him be.

bunch of spinless,wong ass licker.

GodFather said...

For this moment, who ever support Wong will come in to support and give positive commend and they are with a face of "GERAM" behind the monitor screen.

Where by for those who dislike Wong this is the time where they come in and give negative commend about Wong. The one who laughing be hind the monitor screen are Kherox.

Bravo Bravo to the so call owner of Malaysia paintball blog. BullS**it!! - This make me sound like supporting Wong :P

Caranthir said...

It goes to show that both leagues has its problems and politics and MY-NPL isn't invulnerable to one.

Besides this rumour, there are other matters that can AND WILL greatly affect MY-NPL in a big way and also a concern on how it's being govern.

This might not affect MPOC but you never know.

Most well-informed people I met and discussed with shared my views. Even the Mr Controversial himself, Dan Perez agrees with our own UJ and still dumbfounded on the purpose of a suppose certain council.

But that's another story altogether.

p/s: It's been more than 5 weeks and it's getting lame. seriously.

Anonymous said...

biasa la.. yg dah kena 'suspend' and kena 'buang' mesti x puas hati.. adat manusia zaman ini.. belajarlah terima kenyataan.. x elok cerita masalah org lain.. kekadang kesian aku tgk korang ni... mcm budak2!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you...dah suspend x gembira pas tu melepaskan geram di blog...tapi kalo xde hal sembahyang ngan org tu....

adat manusia skarang memang teruk

Anonymous said...

apakah ini semua?

Anonymous said...

x pe ape2 pun MY-NPL is the best....
Mr Wong .... biar apa org kata x payah nak layan....
yg penting MY-NPL tetap ade peminat tersendiri...

Kherox said...

Yup, MY-NPL is still the best & will continue being the best.We've been saying that for ages.I've had the privilege of working with them esp with Abg Pian on the organizing of the ISSC and what i can say is that without their help Nemesis Paintball Club couldn't have had organize a successful ISSC.


not everything they do is right, what need to be address will be address when the need arise.

Caranthir said...

I like how smoothly MY-NPL is run and i also like the the M7 format, X-ball style of MPOC.

There if there's anything wrong with anything, we'll be sure to point it out and vice versa.

Antikaran said...

Korang organize la sendiri kalau byk complaint....duk bising bising tapi habuk pun tarak....main pun duk cheating jer....cehhhhh...Shame on you.

all about beca said...

Aperlah korang nie nak melenting kat caranthir and kherox nie. yang patut korang melenting is kat wong and nemesis. budak dua ekor nie just giving us news as how they see it, without them you and i, all of us would not know what is happening. so biarla they all do their blog. caranthir and kherox, as bloggers you guys are doing good..jgn biar bebudak nie semua get under your skin.

Tony Soprano said...

yeah i agree with beca on this part (doesn't mean im your ally). Just stick to yer guns!

badman said...

as said b4, time gini la u'd see the real lalang starts to change their nick/name to be on the more profitable side of the debate/ngutuk... ;-P

McXYellowSpots said...

All of this issues pains me..
aku tak nak field PJ kena tutup.
Nak pi bukit jauh and aku tak minat main dalam hutan...

Anonymous said...

small minds talk about people, average minds talk about events, great minds talk about ideas. I have heard NO IDEAS so far from this bunch of obese married men with a controlling wife who just picks on everybody who wont give them what they want. It started with Da'Boss, Paul, Wong, and now Nemesis...You guys are not even that good of a writer nor as a player. They just amplified what little half true information they heard from their so-called source and put it up here for the sake of humiliating people. For ballers sake man, the more you trash people out, the more others can see right throuh you. Despicable and ungrateful.

antikaran said...

Lepas ni korang suruh bapak korang jer la bukak paintball field utk korang. baru betul..." Ko ingat bapak ko punyer padang ker"..time tuh dgn megahnyer korang leh cakap...MEMANG...
nak yang terbaik jer semua...tapi buat bende bangla lagi la...

Anonymous said...

betul cakap Anonymous tu, no use buat kritik aje...bagilah opinion korang lar, dah brapa kali korang cakap kosong aje!

small minds = talk about people = hypocrite

skrang smue org yg terlibat dlm paintball industry di Malaysia pun dah kau kritik...kalo macam tu korang ni kena create game sendiri

antiantikaran said...

bagi aku..
klu btl la rumours nie..means that mapaac tidak profesional..
basic klu kite pinjam/sewa tempat org..mst la kene byr..xkan nk kasi mcm tu je..mula2 ble la dh brp taun beb..kite bisnes org pun nk ada bisnes free..
nk kata x untung..dah untung byk..x kan byr sewa pun x mampu..

Caranthir said...

It's just amazing to see so many douches that jumped onto bash-the-writer bandwagon completely missed the whole point of this post.

So, what if MAPAAC is having problems with their lease? Everybody has that problem. And some even took proactive actions to overcome this.

So, instead of wasting your breath on something that is not even worth reading, try to find ways to help out?

Do you still play at MAPAAC and avoiding paying field charges? Yes? Then start paying from now on. You take drinks, you pay... don't pretend you forget.

Paint? please don't sneak in paint. Buy it there! Help the business abit. Bring your friends to MAPAAC instead, they have great facilities there.

Those that still taking free paint from there, it's time to just say "its ok la wong, we will pay from now on. we will help you"

Times are tough and seriously, if you love MAPAAC that much. help in every bit you can.

If it wasn't for this post, you guys would still be the ignorant players who would run off without paying their drinks, field charges or even paint.

fp said...

story also not confirmed yet... still rumours... apasal sume dah melompat?
to caranthir & kherox... thank you for bringing us the latest in the paintball industry... as long as takde bias and fitnah... you're doing a good job
my opinion... if say betul la mapaac kena keluar... try to re-locate to another area... since they're well-established with many teams under their wing... business wont be much affected maybe...
sure there will be players and teams who wont be happy... you cant please everybody all the time...
the reasons behind they having to move out from their site now... frankly i dont much care...
as a player i just want to play paintball...
janji ada field, ada tourney... that's what matters to me...
whatever problems that mapaac have... as long as paintball in malaysia is not negatively affected... then let them sort it out themselves...
bashing them also is not actually helping in any way...

just my point of view...

yanz said...

Marilah ke Shah Alam. Kat sini ada xtream park. Sebelah stadium. :)

Kusa said...

BLAH stupid blogger commenting system killed half my comment post.


It'll be sad to see MAPAAC go if it had to. But I don't think anyone should just bend over and take whatever the council wants to glide in. Like it or not, paint buyer or sneaker, alot of Villain readers still go there week in week out for our regular fix of paint, and we as players should ask them if there's any way that we could help out to overcome this trying times.

Some suggestions here.

If legality is the problem here, I'm sure there's at least ONE lawyer paintballer who'd be glad to help legalize the field. Ni bukan rumah setinggan, there's definitely a way to do so. Being affiliated with government bodies also could help, pakai la cable2 yang gemuk2 tu.

And if it's true that MAPAAC is having money trouble, maybe they can organize a 'Save MAPAAC' feeder event/family day? Get sponsors to chip in, everyone else just come and play as usual. Organize raffles, sell tickets for RM20 each to win a Fly or Cyborg or something. MACDEV, DYE or ANGEL sponsored teams who base themselves at MAPAAC can offer bodies to be shot at for RM15 per pod (calculate, you'll profit from this alone as 1 pellet = 9++ sen, and we all know the real cost of a box of paint, don't we?).

And oh, field charges tu, let's say they lower it by RM5, they'd probably get more people to come and play. Put it this way lah, 1 team = 10 players save RM5 each = RM50 = can shoot an extra bag of paint. Cheaper charge = more players. Economics of scale (eh betul ke ni, aku main tembak je.)

How the place is run is really none of most of the player's concerns, as far as most of us know, the field should be there in any time we want to go, and if it goes, well sucks, but we'll have to move on too.

Not to say that I'm pro-MAPAAC, but it's far more accessible and has better facilities that other fields that I've been to, but we're paying for it la of course, except for the jamban being a little to far for comfort.

Possibilities are endless, really. Quoting JFK here, 'Don't ask what your field can do for you, but ask what you can do for your field!'

I should be doing work instead of bringing you this tl;dr post which was brought to you by the word verification 'smine'

Anonymous said...

Caranthir: well just let's say a lot of paintballer owe you a big lum of money, i doubt that you just keep quite.

I guess you will just post it in the blog as well. Best example will be this

Anonymous said...

1st time i enter this blog. seems rather politically motivated.

why now tell all this?
why thewse ppl play there so long nvr say anything? i'm sure they know this long ago.

why attack Maapac and Nemesis now?
why these ppl keep quiet before?
why going for destruction of the whole ideal?
why wana kill the pb centre?

Becoz of.......dissatisfaction?
Over.....prize money?
Over ....justice?
Over.....ban ?
Where's the integrity in pb anymore?

Anonymous said...

On behalf of the blog I shall answer the question.

why attack Maapac and Nemesis now? Because i'm out

why these ppl keep quiet before?
because i'm in the circle as well until i got kick out

why going for destruction of the whole ideal?
because i don't think it's fair for me, my as well kamikaze

why wana kill the pb centre?
no comment on that

Becoz of.......dissatisfaction? Definitely indeed

Over.....prize money?
Hey, i got paid to play

Over ....justice?
hmm...can't really comment on that

Over.....ban ?
i don't think it's fair for me, it's just a game

i got no choice because i was cheating at that time

there goes the answer

Mohd Hadi said...


Eh pelik laa.. kalau illegal, kenapa ada team dari MBPJ dalam tournament? Pas2 tu siap leh hantar klinik, staff MBPJ toilet etc? unless laa main 'under' table...

badman said...

just like any other 'hot' issue, tho not as hot as the mushroom thingy, it brings up lotsa no-name writers (could be the same?) with all kinds of assumptions & opinions...
still prefer to see a name behind each comments...

Anonymous said...

by destroying someting so dear to all of us

the serious of this issue cannot be deny. a lot of partys ppl are affected. not to mention daily livehood.'cari makan'

all the answers are only come to one conclusion. is ok when i eat fm the same pot thingy.

well that is the human behaviour when angry can do many damaging things.

my observation is already many pb cnters are in trouble bcoz of lack of participants/ etc
now come this..

overseas oso many leagues face problems,overall the industry is facing problems. economy oso bad.

Putting other ppl down in public is fun when u are on the giving end. vice versa is diffrent. Do not enjoy so much to attacking ppls persoanl lives too lah.

we always laugh when we win,
it is in defeat taht we must learn to live with ourself

no offense to anyone but my persoanl opinion only ok

P/S integrity in paintball??


the 3 AMIGOS

Anonymous said...

quote: "why going for destruction of the whole ideal?
because i don't think it's fair for me, my as well kamikaze "

hmmm..the dark side is strong wit dis one..

young yoda

Anonymous said...

Caught cheating ?
Normal lah paintball, who hasn't cheated before

Kena ban?
So wat..wait it out lah

Do u love the sport?
I do but i jes wana make other ppl miserable too..

Aiyah...why like this one??
I play play oso nver play like dat

PCK Sdn.Bhd.

Anonymous said...

Think ppl, think ...

Wat do u achieve by slandering MaaPac? Maximum kena pun they move another place.
After that no one is able to rent another pb field from MBPJ becoz of this fiasco.There are no more fields except the one on the hill.
That one oso got problem.

Haiii...(heavy sigh).This business is not easy.So i expect this kind of bashing will go on until dat fella give up and pack up.

I do not ask anyone to stop the bashing. by all means show to the world wat kind of hypocrites run this show.Bash away. But becareful u not only bash ur intended nemesis but oso innocent players who pay to play pb.

Wat happens to us???

The 3 Amigos

Kherox said...

hmmmm kantoi.....

duduk dalam reban ayam lama sangat, ni la jadinya.

Caranthir said...

Again, so many of you kept missing the point of this post. Sentap ke?If you care to read and understand this post, you would probably know that

1) MAPAAC owes MBPJ some rental payment
2) MBPJ plan to turn it into a multipurpose sports centre.

So, I urge you to read and digest the content then make comments based on this.

For all you care, this could be real. MAPAAC could be done for and we all have one less PB field in Klang Valley area.

I've already gave some ideas on how to help MAPAAC at least to cope with some expenditure, won't be much but at least something.

Yes it's fun to see stupid comments that are simply out of context and no way near the post subject. You probably think its even 'cool' to write a quick slap on the post, disapparead into oblivion, then come back again with another moronic post and with different nickname again. Haihh..

But will it help the place you love so much? Will it help with their woes?

I even came up with a theory that, by getting rid of top D1 teams from D1, MAPAAC can save alot of money - if their home team takes the overall champ. That's alot you know.

Think again.

sri tribuana said...

Caranthir was right when he revealed the truth subjected what he revealed was truth.

Some of the comments here were out of context so I suggest Caranthir better u moderate the comments.

For those who feel injustice to them such as Soon, Kherox and Junior, my sympathy with u guys even I don't know the real situation and regardless who was wrong n right as fellow paintballers, fried and to Soon as my team's trainer.

"Stop arguing how a good man shall be. Be one."
-Marcus Aerelius

Caranthir said...

YB, thanks for dropping by. Appreciate the visit.

I like! *thumbs up*

"Stop arguing how a good man shall be. Be one." - Marcus Aerelius

Anonymous said...

"YB, thanks for dropping by. Appreciate the visit.

I like! *thumbs up*

"Stop arguing how a good man shall be. Be one." - quote fm caranthir

Great stuff cuming fm de man who freakin' cheats while the whole watches..woiii..somemore can deny one..with video some more

I oso like!! *two thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

so when are you going to start your stamps collection caranthir?

Caranthir said...

Already sold off my collection. made some hefty profits too!

Anonymous said...

Dont worry caranthir, your absence in the field will not be felt at all...NOT AT ALL.

Anonymous said...

Kherox, which reban ayam were you talking about? your hair? hahahah

Anonymous said...

guess wat...?? i'm back!!

moronic ke stupido ke?? does not matter at least i did not cheat like u lah.somemore argue.blatant cheat.
U disgrace the team u represent. aiyoh if i m the team sponsor i be ashame so ashame.
Start all this propoganda jes to coverr ur own **toot**

Be a man lah and resign from paintball. U still got guts to show ur face in pb.
U r rite!! U definutly got a page in the history of Malaysian Paitball history. As a **toot** cheater!!But this is only a rumour lah..wait a minute it's not a rumour it's a fact!!
shame on u and growwww up

Anonymous said...

Caranthir cant grow up anymore...he will only grow brain has reached the maximum level of capacity to think maturedly and wisely. If his mere intention when publishing about MAPAAC financial problem was to help them out, why wasn't it mentioned at all earlier??? The post was intentionally to disgraced Wong for suggesting the one year ban on caranthir. A personal retaliation indeed. He was probably personally attacked during the Council meeting, hence, the revenge. These two will never grow up. FIght like girls, no balls. The day these cowards actually confront each other and talk like adults would be the day all paintballers get to play for free. In other words, it will NEVER HAPPEN.!!!

Anonymous said...

Cheats like run through/overshoot/ bunker rub/rubbing with tank/rubbing with other leg/dive off the paint/wipe off/etc.
Never i repeat Never have i seen this kind of physchotic s**t displayed in dat video.kena shot walking back see no marshall turn arnd hide back in bunker continue shooting and win the game.

Desperado kes betol.Kasiahn Betol Macdev Ronin maruah jatuh sentap teruk. Captain x cakap ape pun..hehe. Player council ape.
bagaikan pagar makan padi ni.

Nak tutup mata orang kes Maapac x bayar sewa.Apa kena dgn orang ko ni? Skrg nak lakon tolong orang.
Kacang lupakan kulit.
Siapa yg bagi fasiliti byk FOC.
Siapa bagi sponsor/semi byk acara dpt sokongan kementrian
siapa menjayakan byk acara sampingan..nescafe/starts wit me/platun/1 on 1...ALO!!siapa yg hero dlm ni???
Korang semua..tapi wong dlm masaalah cerita pada dunia
Betol x berperikemanusian langsung.
Siapa kalo bkn wong yg 'make all this happen'??? Operator mana lagi??
Eh..caranthir , kherox u two r in for the lesson of ur life.Good luck

Bloody arse fart paintball ni**ga

Anonymous said...

Hot Rumours konon??
ni bkn hangat2 tahi ayam nak hot lagi??? boleh post dlm interntional forum biar dia org tgk sendiri cara team ni main tipu!! malu sial!!
Apa wong buat ni yg x betol.
Maintain the integrirty of the game.No fear or favour.mana x betul
x bakar satu hutan utk sepohon pokok. Pokok yg biadab betol.
meludah tangan yg menyuap dia ni.

Bila cerita ni dihebohkan di pasaran dunia tu lah betol2 Hot Rumours.
Kalo mahu jawab aje dlm blog ko ni.

Tadi u pandai ckp orang bodoh/moron knpa diam skrg??

Caranthir said...

Ramai nyer sentap! (Actually sorang je) Hahaha... dull weekend for you guy(s) huh? posted few times and talking to your own self? Mesti selalu kena pinggir ni. LOL!

Don't tell me I didn't support MAPAAC at all. In the beginning. Me and my friends had done so much to our ability and resources, whenever we can for MAPAAC. If any of you would to google MAPAAC, My-NPL or even malaysian paintball, this blog will be up there in top search results.

What have you done for MAPAAC? Seriously, what have you really done?

This blog carries the MAPAAC logo since its inception. So, you're telling me I'm not being supportive? BS!

I still recommend this place to my friends who wanted to play paintball, and you can check with Sofian on that. I believe last week, he got such call on that.

And for those still harping about JB and its issues. Tak payah bising2 lagi la.. you got a problem with my actions, go talk to Muhsin.

And before you argue about who start this post regarding MAPAAC, I suggest you check who posted this one first. Saves you from looking like a complete retard.


And on another note, you do know only UJ of MPRO has the final say over others such as players, partners, promoters or even a complete tool such as yourself?

Why don't you ask him yourself instead of acting like someone who has no regards on what the ref has decide on or off the field. It also shows that you have no respect of authority in the field. That means, you're a problem player yourself.

Go ahead and contact Muhsin. Let me help you,

Muhsin @ (+6)016-227 0338,

7 weeks and it's lame.

Anonymous said...

bagi je la si caran ni main balik, kesian dia..

tapi nk kena stand by 3 reff tgk dia time game.. bahaya budak nie.. bab tipu n putar alam mmg dia terrer!!

Anonymous said...

bagi je la si caran ni main balik, kesian dia..

tapi nk kena stand by 3 reff tgk dia time game.. bahaya budak nie.. bab tipu n putar alam mmg dia terrer!!


bail lah caran pls come back..all is forgiven..

Anonymous said...

guess he be starting his matchbox colletion soon..kesian

Caranthir said...

3 ref ka, 10 ref ka... takder hal nyer.. woahahahaha!!!

matchbox collection pun dah jual - with some hefty profit also.

Caranthir said...

tahniah! Kepada yang terpinggir, sebab sanggup register account semata nak merepek pasal kehidupan sendiri yang caca merba.

Kalau you nak jugak bagi pendapat, boleh lah set appointment dengan kami2 sini, dan cerita la aper yang kau nak citer. Tok sah meroyan kat sini, ko ingat ko sorang je reader ke? Buang space betul. Jom gi mamak, ko leh gebang suka ati mak bapak ko je la.

Kalau tak suka blog nih, pergi la tempat lain. Saper suruh kau masuk sini? betul tak? hahaha...

Ada orang still baca and appreciate apa yang kitaorang buat and diaorang tak perlu beri comment pun.

And tolong la, jangan cakap dengan diri sendiri. Kesian la.. Hehehe..

Btw, comments kau tak sesuai untuk di sini. Kalau kau nak kutuk my-npl, yp wong, sofian dan MPRO, sila buat surat aduan kepada mereka terus yer.