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Friday, June 12, 2009

MPOC 2009 - 4th Leg 13th & 14th of JUNE

DATES: 13th & 14th of JUNE

Division 1 this time around, might offer something really interesting. The addition of MacDev Ronin, Nemesis and also Delta Rovers are probably because Ronins are gearing up for their ICC in Paris and both Nemesis & Delta are going for the World Games in Kaohsiung. We can expect a very good tournament this time around.

The current Div 1 teams playing are:

1)Team Matrix Entourage
2)Team Xfox
3)Team Raskal
4)Team Xmenz
5)Team Nightmare
6)Team Isi Rimba
7)Team MacDev Ronin
8)Team Nemesis Legion

For other divisions, read the details here. Rumor has it that Demonz Red has already been disband (no more rumors, it's real). Their players have been shopping for teams since last week.

Field layout:

Besides the regular prize money, this time DYE will also add bonus prizes for winners in all division.

D1 champion:
Axis Pro blk: 5 pcs
Lens Cloth Dye: 5 pcs

D2 champion:
FS goggle camo: 5 pcs
Lens Cloth Dye: 5 pcs

D3 & D4 giveaways:
C8 olive jerseys
Oliie Lang posters

Note: Wanted to post this up earlier this week but, my previous post is much more important. To Mr. "M", I heard you did the right thing and hold your ground - that says alot! The PB community needs more individuals like you.


Kherox said...

Good Luck to all at the MPOC this weekend.

on another note,the local PB scene needs more people who stand their ground on matters that of important to all pballers.

Those with their own agenda will always try to manipulate what ever resources that the may have but in the long run their actions will come full circle & smack them on their head. Tunggu & lihat je la

AngeL BeaR said...

Good luck to all! Gambate!

cikgu said...

tahniah kepada semua pemenang MPOC kali ini