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Friday, June 19, 2009


Those playing at the MY-NPL Event 3 Kuantan over this weekend will surely be wondering what-da-frak is with the Nemesis Lineup. Only 4 of the old guard made the trip to Kuantan while another 3+ 1new member choose not to go for reasons that will be revealed in coming days.

I'm sure most of you guys still remember the 1st breakoff from Nemesis in early May right after the ISSC'09. Well keeping to recent tradition, unofficially there's now a 2nd breakoff for Nemesis right after our recent win at MPOC 4th leg and as usual the villains in this breakoff are the same guys ;yours truly,Soon & Jr. (pssttt kalau dengar buah mulut orang,yang jahat tu kita je.....takpa....)

Will it be the Final breakoff for these guys with Nemesis? Yup, it sure is.We won't get conned the 2nd time with sweet talks by the Team Management to pull us back to the team. (pssst but we did hear the guys from Nemesis spreading stories saying that we were begging to be back with the team,lawak siot)

Anyway, best of luck to Team Nemesis Legion in Kuantan. Heard you guys managed to pull a coup by getting a few Who's Who players to play for the team. Confirm Champion.

I'll be back with more juicy stories later.