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Monday, June 29, 2009

Hafizil - Youngest Malaysian To Play At The Millennium Series

This is one for the record books. Hafizil Amin Roselan from Team Warrior (D2 MPOC/MY-NPL) is set to become the youngest Malaysian to play at The Millennium Series during the Disney Millennium Cup in Paris,France end of this week.

This soon-to-be 16 years old kid comes from a paintballing family, with dad being Abg. Lan of Isi Rimba,Mom being Ibu Manager of Team Warrior & bro being Hamman of Team Raskal and having been in this sport for almost 4years, it is no suprise to see him become among one of the most talented young player in our local league.

He'll be playing with Team CMX at the Disney Millennium Cup and we hope to see Hafizil & the rest of the Malaysian squad (Team Macdev Ronin,Demonz Red,Raskal & CMX) doing well in during the tournament.


Name: Hafizil Amin Bin Roselan
Dob : 1993
Home Town: Selangor, Malaysia
Years of Playing : 4 years and counting
Position : Back Corner
Sponsor : Kem Isi Rimba, Skirmish Paintball Asia, Pro Paintball

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