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Monday, March 01, 2010

Malaysian Paintball Federation

Here are the pro term committees of the Malaysian Paintball Federation. Some key dates to remember,

27 March 2010 – Presentation of the finalized Constitution
9 October 2010 – First AGM and Elections for the office bearers

The lineup looks solid. What are your thoughts on this?

President: Tn. Hj. Amirul (CMX PB Club)
Deputy: Paul WY Lam
Vice 1: Afendi Abdullah (Johor PB Association)
Vice 2: Dean CK Lau (Tanamerah PB CLub)
Vice 3: Mohd. Reza Yusof (Xtion PB Club)
Secretary General: YP Wong (Delta Rovers PB Club)
Asst. Sec. Gen.: Muhammad Muhsin (M-PRO PB Club)
Treasurer: Jasni Shafie (Kedah PB Association)

Committee Members:
1. Hassan Maslan (Melaka PB Association)
2. Junaidi Tahir (Sabah PB Association)
3. Nicholas Wong (Selangor PB Association)
4. Mohd Izuan Othman (Jasin PB Association)
5. Shaiful Nizam Abd Karim (Alor Gajah PB Association)
6. Md Shahfri Rozami (Kuantan PB Association)
7. Muhammad Nur Fadly Ismail (JB PB Association)
8. Idilhan Ibrahim (Melaka Tengah PB Association)
9. Shaiful Hady (PSS PB Club)
10. Mohd. Safieq Izuddin (Nemesis PB Club)
11. Mohamed Shuha Mohamedon (OSB PB Club)
12. Ahmad Hazari (Zealous PB Club)
13. Raja Anor Shah (Nusantara PB Club)
14. Ahmad Akmal (Manawave PB Club)

Refer previous post for details. And you can also follow on

Source: YP Wong

P/S: I'm pushing this entry up as I feel it needed more thoughts and input to it.


Kine said...

Can't be bothered to post comments on the 'official' blog itself since apparently publishing any comments isn't in the blogger's interest. So I'm doing it here.

Funny how Allan decided to post all the Proposed details AFTER the hearing and after things didn't go as planned.

But anyhow, I really have to ask this. In the original manifesto, it states that the Federation aims to be non-profit and will not engage in business activities nor be connected to business entities in any way. Then where is the wisdom in including paintball business stakeholders in the original proposed interim committee? This said committee will be responsible for drafting the constitution btw. As far as I can tell the revised committee lineup did not include vendors. Is this why Allan is not happy? The other 'glaring' difference is Paul Lam is no longer the presidential candidate and is replaced by as far as I know a veteran paintballer with no business ties to the industry. Isn't this better? If not please elaborate. Moot point regardless since Paul voluntarily took himself off as a candidate during his presentation which was commendable. He is still in the committee as deputy and in a position to push his proposed constitution and have it voted for so that's all good. Oh yah and the other difference between the final lineup and the proposed lineup is that Allan isn't in it.

FYI - it was the Sports commission's suggestion that the lineup should only consist of registered clubs and associations. This suggestion was then put up to democratic vote where it gained a resounding >75% votes in favour. And the working structure and positions was then voted among the 31 committee members. Looks democratic from where I sat so why whine? I could go on and illustrate how Allan contradicted himself in his posts but I really shouldn't bother. Let's discuss something more legit other than the apparent lack of professionalism on that particular blogsite.

Here goes,

1) State Associations.
The Sports commission insists on the traditional geographical hierarchy of the Associations under it's wing. The federation represents the sport at the national level. Whose members are then made up of state associations with district and lower level divisions below it etc. Not unlike the FAM and all the state football associations we have for our national football league. My question now - is this representative of how paintball works in Malaysia? And the second question is can this geographical division work when the Federation assumes control? Aren't there better structures?

2) Authority.
The released manifesto only skirted around topics such as grassroots campaign, lobbying for mainstream sports status, safety guidelines and the licensing issue. What it did avoid is outlining what sort of authority it will wield upon inception. How will the Federation relate to tournaments and competitions? Will it have the authority to grant permissions to host events? Can the MPBF outlaw MyNPL for example or atleast deter teams from registering to non MPOC events? Is the MPBF a sanctioning body?

3) Foreign companies.
What sort of control does MPBF have over foreign manufacturers when it comes to doing business in Malaysia? Can the MPBF pressure Dye or Sly from discontinuing their ties with local teams for example? Or is a 50 cal. Malaysia a potential issue? I mean say if GI Milsim poured enough attention to MPBF, is the federation in a position to force feed 50 cal to tournaments, fields and vendors that no one can do anything but shoot what MPBF lets us?

4) Draft Constitution
When will it be released for public scrutiny?

Finally a comment on the supposed MPBF blog. Will it be featuring authors who are actually on the committee or a representative in the future? Or is it going to be a one sided Allan / Paul platform?

Amber Wong Wen Yee said...

Constructive criticism, fair questions.

Caranthir said...

I'm sure nearing AGM, there will be tonnes of changes in the constitution and much details to be sorted out. As I was reading the issues from both sides, I have my own questions and suggestions for the MPBF as well, which I'll post it up when the time comes.

Current pro-term committees should by now already starting working on the constitution draft and have it ready for deliberation soon.

From what I understand, MPBF is a body that represents the Malaysian players and nothing more. It is also a non-profit organization and thus their committee members shouldn't have any personal interest/monetary gain from the organization.

Now where do we find 10-12 committee members without having conflict of personal interest?

Start searching now.

Kine said...

If the commission sticks to their guns and insists on the feudal State Association hierarchy, searching for 10-12 fair representatives will not be needed. We'll just be stuck with whoever registered themselves as State PB Associations with the commission and that's that.

As far as the MPBF being a national player's association that is incorrect. The federation will be gunning for the marker license. Should the KBS and KDN delegates this authority to the MPBF then this will be bigger than just the players. It'll affect vendors, distributors, foreign manufacturers, field operators and tournament organizers.

What players nationwide needs to do is find ways to contravene the MPBF should it one day end up being someone's pyramid scheme risking the sport as a whole. Leaving the federation unchecked is just courting corruption. There should be an oversight body either internally or parallel that can question the MPBF and has the legal right to make them answer.

But this is two steps ahead. I'm just looking forward to seeing Paintball sanctioned first ahead of ASEAN, Olympics or Commonwealth games if possible. It's about time our government leads the way in something instead of following the international herd.

badman said...

it's considered as a new sports & there will be ppl who'd wanna be stated in history as the premier or pioneer... but then if ask them, none of them would admit to it.. balik balik kata nak bersatu & benefit for all, really ah...?

except for some minor diff among them, both parties have the intention & goal - unite & do good for paintball...
how to unite the mass when the so-called leaders can't even resolve such a simple difference among themselves..?
how can we expect (or trust?) them to solve bigger issues concerning the majority paintballers here later on when such simple differences also take many years already...?
can they really handle issues rationally, without being emotional with all those mud/shit-slinging toward each other..?

Caranthir said...

"If the commission sticks to their guns and insists on the feudal State Association hierarchy, searching for 10-12 fair representatives will not be needed. We'll just be stuck with whoever registered themselves as State PB Associations with the commission and that's that."

If that ever happens that the MPBF is doomed. First and foremost, the body should be lead by individuals who only have priority in bringing up the sport and have NO monetary gain or personal interest at all. And that should be the case as other exco positions.

During AGM, members to be can suggest/seconded any individuals they think is fit for the job and vote on it. That's the only way. That's how AGM suppose to be anyway.

Kine, your other points are definitely two-three steps ahead, and this will have to be addressed by MPBF and whether or not the body will given such authority to govern marker license is another thing, which involves KDN for sure.

Now we can only wait for the draft of the constitution and see if it covers everything that its needed.

how to unite the mass when the so-called leaders can't even resolve such a simple difference among themselves..?

Beats me, this has been going on for years and years and I'm having doubts whether they can pull this one off.

Nur said...

Salam 1 Malaysia.
saya nana dari Sekretariat Rakan Muda Upm..kami nk adakan program UpM paintball dan kami nak minta kerjasama dari MPBF..jadi, boleh saya dapatkan alamat @ no fax MPBF untuk send surat?

Caranthir said...

Nur, leave your email and contact number and I can get somebody to try and contact you. :)