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Monday, March 15, 2010

Pattaya International Paintball Championship 2010 - Results & Conclusions

Here are the official results of the recent concluded Pattaya International Paintball Championship. Congratulations to all the winners.

Division 1
1. Infernal (Thailand)
2. Hytorious (Thailand
3. Raskal (Malaysia)
4. Datis (Iran)

Division 2
1. Red 7 (Singapore)
2. Alien 11 (Thailand)
3. Volcano 62 (Thailand)
4. CMX (Malaysia)

Division 3
1. Demonic Jnr (Thailand)
2. Votolocos (Malaysia)
3. Pazzo (Thailand)
4. Tub Chang Prototype (Thailand)

I'm surprised not see any aussie teams in the top four but delighted to see Raskal took third over Datis! Well done. Great showing by Infernal. These guys are really solid.

For photos, please visit But don't go ape on the refresh key, cause you'll drive Desmond crazy! hehe.

I'm curious to know what sort ofplaying field is that? Grass? turf? or dirt?

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residentevilchef said...

ha! ha!...

btw, the playing field used to be grass. the heat just dried up everything and the ground was dry, hard and dusty.

Caranthir said...

Ahh! thanks Dez. 'Used to be grass' eh? Did it rain at all during that time?

houdini RIP said...

Can you please credit sources if you are going to cut and paste from

Thanks very much : )

Caranthir said...

Done. Sorry, this was emailed to me without further details.

houdini RIP said...

No problem - all paintball news is good news : )

Todo Boggy said...

it was grass but with 2-3months without rain in Pattaya dried them up :( but good thing the ground was level and smooth thus making slides n dives pretty good.

Ben Todo

Caranthir said...

Ahh.. nice.. level playing field is always better than uneven ones! But I heard Raja popped his knee on this field. Awkward fall?