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Friday, March 19, 2010

2010 NPPL Official rule book released

The 2010 NPPL official rule book has been released. To download your copy, go HERE or to First thing after i downloaded my copy, I went through on the prohibitive color ruling.

Page 10

5. Uniform
5.01 Protected Color. Players’ uniforms may not contain the color orange, which is reserved as the “Protected Color” for paint.

Page 12

8. Other Equipment

8.01 Paint Loaders. Loader colors or designs may not resemble a hit or paintball mark. Stickers on loaders or other feed devices are prohibited, except for two 2” by 4” sticker on each side of the loader or other feeding devices in any color, except the Protected Color. Clear and yellow loaders are not permitted. Clear lids on hoppers are permitted. Players may not use cloth or neoprene loader covers.

10. Prohibited Equipment
10.01 Protected Color. Players’ equipment (including uniforms as provided in Section 5) may not contain orange, which is reserved as “Protected Color” for paint. Loaders may not contain the colors “Orange” or “Yellow”.

Looks like they do allow yellow equipment (jerseys, pants, goggles) except on loaders. Let's see if MY-NPL would follow on this 'new' ruling.

I made a post related to this issue last year. You can check it out here


Kine said...

MO said the restriction on yellow was based on marshall's feedback and not because of NPPL. Apparently yellow do look like orange thru some lens.

Caranthir said...

That doesn't make sense. Yellow is yellow, orange is orange. If we get better orange fill, maybe it will be so much easier to spot.

If people having problems to differentiate these colors, perhaps its not the lens fault?