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Friday, November 12, 2010

Malaysian Paintball Federation - Approved!

This just in. Inche Muhsin (MY-NPL Ultimate Judge) has just informed me that the formation of MPBF has been approved. The date for for the first AGM will be announce any time soon. Congrats to the protem committees on this first big step.


Kine said...

Dear MPBF,

1) Please fix our tournament calender. I know someone is gonna say it isn't up to the association but we know better right. Anyways, ISSC vs PALS Thailand ... cummon. Echoes of the online crowd chanting "Unite!" plays in the background ~~~

2) Unified (National) Reffing Body. It was discussed but didn't happen when it should.

3) Get paintball on TV again. I truly believe we have enough people in that industry who are playing paintball to make that happen. Or atleast pave the way.

4) Secure print and airtime for tournament results. MPBF is part of the KBS now and should have the necessary influence to get regular coverage on tournaments and results. The industry ain't gonna grow by itself. Damned sure it won't get noticed if no one is talking about it on the news.

That is all. Thank you.

Caranthir said...

Agree with Kine,

I would also love to see an independant reffing body - free from any promoter, operator or stores. A body with no conflict of interest, exist solely to enforce the rules without prejudice.

badman said...

so is the federation gonna 'advice' parties on the current date-clash...?
don't think it hard to do so since the relevant parties are also top members of the federation...
else 'UNITY' would just be another meaningless word printed on banners & t-shirts, just like the 'no politic' slogan last time...

Kine said...

MPBF could draft tournament date slots for the year and have a sit down with the organizers who then pick their slots. It is up to the organizers to make the venues work for the slots they chose.

Ideally a single month will not have 2 domestic league matches.

cite: MPOC e5 vs NPL e3 on July 2011

and no 2 international matches in the same month.

cite: ISSC vs PALS Thailand on May 2011

MPBF will also need to evaluate clashes between Domestic and International events if they occur in the same month and the international tournament is held here in Malaysia.

cite: Asia Cup e1 and MPOC e1 on January 2011
cite: MSL vs World Cup Asia on October 2011

For the record, clashes are tournaments occurring in the same month. In the case of MSL v WCA both happen on different dates but in the same month and given that both competitions are expensive I do not see the wisdom in having them run in the same month.

Teams in higher divisions do plan ahead but most teams lower down play and pay on a month to month basis. Something that organizer cum team owners have forgotten I suspect.

Kine said...

In case if anyone is skeptical on how the MPBF is even capable of enforcing this, here's my suggestion:

Unify the reffing body. Absorb it as a branch of MPBF. If the Federation controls the supply of the Marshalls it is possible to control tournament date conformance.

Since I'm on that topic -

Marshalls should be on MPBF's payroll. Atleast the majority should. Hopefully staff turnover could be reduced and we get to retain better trained refs for longer hence consistent reffing quality from tournament to tournament.

badman said...

the feds sit down with organisers to draft tourney dates? like how la...? they are the very same parties organising those date-clashing tourneys...
so which hat are they gonna wear during this 'talks'...?

Kine said...

Hence we discover the first flaw with MPBF. Well spotted Bad.

Caranthir said...

Well, maybe MPBF could have an independant committee who will make sure that tournamnet dates don't clash.

Kine said...

We already have the foundation for an independent committee in the form of the Player's Council. I feel the Player's Council can and should step up their influence over Malaysian paintball matters. Sooner or later teams should take it more seriously than just a forum to discuss tournament rules and appeals.

If there is no impetus (and I see none) for the MPBF to self regulate, the players themselves will need to apply external pressure. Expand the scope of the current PC to include teams on both sides of the domestic tournament scene (MPOC and NPL) and get enough votes in the MPBF to have reps from the PC to sit in the Federation. Haven't seen the final constitution so am not sure if this is already in place.

Also if players believe that domestic competition should be unified, they should be leading the way and that is by uniting the players in a single Players Council (not that it exist for the MPOC but yah..) first BEFORE asking organizers to merge.

Caranthir said...

I'm afraid having a players council proved a major flaw as demonstrated a few years back. I for one, would like to see it cease to exist. In the US there are no such thing and Dan Perez even admitted that it is not necessary and pointless.

But who knows, maybe this time their scope will be much more defined. And even if the council still exist, it needs some proper filtering. But that's another agenda.