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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MY-NPL Semi-Pro

When I posted the result of the MY-NPL event 3, there were no official results of the Semi-Pro division. Somehow the organizer missed this out, which is highly unusual. The teams playing Semi-Pro were Nemesis Legion, Raskal, Delta Rovers, Warriors & Rockstar.

What happened was, the Semi-Pro prelim games started very late on Sunday and even continued on during prize presentation for division 4 to division 1! After the ceremony, Semi-Pro teams captain had a meeting with the UJ and tournament director. Since there was not enough time to play semis or play final top 2 and nobody wants to play 3rd & 4th placing; its decided that the prize money to be split to the top 4 and points awarded accordingly.

Another interesting point to highlight is, any D1 team can try in Semi-pro division and have no effect on its D1 status. But they can only do this once. This is somewhat an interesting new ruling I must say.

With five different divisions to run each event, I'm not surprised that there will be problems along the way especially in Semi-Pro division. Perhaps, next time it is better to start all the division prelim games on Saturday to avoid such fiasco again. Depends, if there are enough teams in Semi-Pro to begin with.

Timing is everything.