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Sunday, July 03, 2011

MY-NPL'11 - Event 3 - Results & Conclusions

Here are the unofficial results of the recent concluded MY-NPL third event in MAPAAC, PJ. Congratulations to all the winners.

Division 1
1st - Killswitch (Australia)
2nd - Beezwaxers
3rd - Jellyfish
4th - D'Halloween

Division 2
1st - Johor Pirates
2nd - Votolocos
3rd - Nitamago (Japan)
4th - Grammaton Clerics

Division 3
1st - Contract Killers
2nd - Ethos
3rd - FTM Skeletoonz
4th - EJPC

Division 4
1st - Galacticos
2nd - Polytechnic Banting
3rd - Generation Hill
4th - Rabaq Bravo

Results from other divisions will be update once they become available.


dVient said...

Hi, were there any pictures taken of the D1 games?

If there were, flick me an email at neohj(at)


Jaime (Killswitch)

dVient said...

Sorry, just to clarify, flick me an email to let me know what you charge for copies.



Caranthir said...

Will let you know when I got some. But so far, there's none.