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Thursday, June 21, 2007

International Thailand Paintball Championship 2007

The International Thailand Paintball Championship (ITPC) 2007, one of the legs of the Paintball-Asia League Series will be held from 24th-26th August 2007 at (Location to be announced).

International Thailand Paintball Championship (ITPC) 2007
Part of the Paintball-Asia League Series

Venue: To be announced.
Event Date: 24th, 25th & 26th August 2007

Registration Date: To be announced.

ITPC Official Website:

1. Open Division (For all regional teams and Div. 2 team from Europe and the UK)
2. Novice Division (For all teams with no tournament experience only)

Rules & Regulations:
As per Millennium Series M5 (Please right-click, save target as to download the rules)

Format: 5 man + 2 reserves

Registration Fees:
Division 1 (Open Category): USD400.00
Division 3 (Novice Category): USD200.00

Open Category
- Champion - USD 3,000.00
- Runner up - USD 2,000.00
- 2nd Runner up - USD 1,000.00

Novice Category
- Champion - USD 1,500.00
- Runner up - USD 1,000.00
- 2nd Runner up - USD 500.00

Note: There could be an additional bonus in terms of sponsorship goods in the event of confirmed sponsors.

Paintball Pricing: TBA

Please download the following documents below:
(Registration Form, Player & Marker Details Form, ITPC Invitation Letter & Details, Hotel Accomodations, Field Map):

Registration Form - TBA
Player & Marker Details Form - TBA
ITPC Invitation Letter & Details - TBA
Hotel Accomodations - TBA
Field Map - TBA

Organiser Name: Infernal Paintball & TupChang Paintball

Contacts in Thailand:
Phone numbers will be made available soon
Email: /

Contacts in Malaysia:
Mr Gary Lee
Malaysia Mobile: +6017 577 2177
Malaysia Office Tel: +603 8024 7881
Malaysia Office Fax: +603 8024 0233

Additional Accomodation Information:

TBA - Hotel

More info to come on official website. Please be patient. For other info for now or hot pledges to attend, please contact:



The ITPC will have to be moved to Malaysia owing to the current political climate in Thailand due to the upcoming elections expected in November.There has been protest staged in the country on a regular basis and hence a security problem is expected.

One of the main sponsors for the event,the govt agency,has pulled out as a result of the current turmoil.With that,our PALS partner in Thailand,has sought our assistance to host it here in Malaysia.

PALS-Malaysia has agreed to do it's utmost to make the event memorable despite the short time frame given.



The dates shall remain on the 24th till the 26th of August.
The location shall be in Kuala Lumpur.

All things should remain the same as we work around the clock to ensure that all 4 legs of the PALS is fulfilled despite the difficulties faced.

For details of the changes, kindly contact the PALS committee.