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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pekan Fest - Part #2

7am - Just entered the exit to Pekan from Gambang. Wahhh!! Fogging! You can barely see 500 metres out! Cool! Its like Campaign Cup :P. Traffic was non-existant and we arrived at the venue soon afterwards.

Man.. its been awhile since we had our last competitive games. Wonder how this gonna turn up.

The guys suited up, check the guns, filled the tanks, filled the pods, stretched those muscles and discussed more tactics.

Here's our 5th guy. Nizam aka Battosai from Team Armada. He's a regular with our team on certain events.

We played 4 games in the prelims, in which we lost two. The heat is getting at everyone. Even the NPL Kuantan wasn't this bad. Or was it the same? Hehehe.. can't recall.

Probably the worst luck in my tourney history... I keep getting ball breaks in the loader! As long as we qualify for the next round, I don't mind.. but siol laa..

During the 1st game of the semis, somehow, we lost too easily. Weird, things weren't just working our way. But that's paintball. Hasnatah came up to us and said

"Korang nih main macam maner? Tak langsung macam WK!"

Hahaha... he's right, we're err slightly too reserved on the 1st game. The team regrouped, and we fought with more aggressiveness and we won the next two games to go into the final.

Kherox & Jr combined well to get the last Black Widows Rovers guy out when he made it past 50. They played really well, to secure the team a spot in the final.


Captain of the day, Kherox looked relieved that the team made the finals.

1.30pm - dead noon! The organiser decided to play the 1st game of the finals sooner than scheduled, so that when Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak, our Deputy Prime Minister comes, he can just watched the 2nd game and maybe just that one.

The finals were between WK & Killer Beez. KB surprised many when they beat Delta Rovers to get into the finals. We brushed off Black Widow Rovers for the final spot. Some rojak team from KL, named something something legion, went packing early. I saw Luke in the team, one fella from Perlis Hunter and a bunch of new faces.

So, we went ahead with the 1st game of the finals. WK won easily. No contest there. Returned back to our tents and getting ready for DPM arrival.

"Uh ohh... dah datang dah tu" Police sirens wailing in the distance.

Datuk Azalina Othman Said, the Youth & Sports Minister came first. Followed by Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak a few minutes later. They took their place at the VIP tent overlooking field 1, wher the 2nd game of the finals will be commencing soon.

Oh.. right before that, we sang the national anthem, "Negaraku" and had the teams that made to the finals taken with the VIPs.

So the 2nd game of the finals started.

My gun jammed again and we're practically playing with 4 guns only just after 30 secs! KB took the opportunity slowly and they won it close. Damn. I couldn't lock my zone and probably my miorale is probably at all time low... On the way to the deadbox, I took off my speed feed lid, slowly tilt the gun upwards and let the remaining paint dropped behind me... what a waste. then i found the culprit. Few stuck paints jammed the cone. What luck!

I'm hoping for a better luck on the final game.

After refilling all thats needed, we went into the final game, with whatever paint we have left. i myslef brought only 3 pods, the others 4, 5, pods the most. Hehe.. we usually don't use up alot, but you never know when you needed it right?

Game on! - on the break, I shot nizam at the loader and we're down to 4 man in just 10 secs! Hah!?

Habis laaa...

Again my gun broke down. This time, ball break in the loader! I couldn't lock my zone again. Then it came down to the final two guys, Kherox & Harry, and they did very well to overcome KB and took the game home!

We won a really nice glass trophy with some pretty hefty sum of cash. Medals were handed by the Deputy Prime Minister himself. A successful weekend I must say.. we did pretty alright.

The entire tournament setup was pretty good, considering they have to accomodate more than 150 teams for all categories! Again, we reunited with the NPL marshals who gave us support & encouragement throughout this fight. And to Delta Rovers & Black Widow Rovers players, again.. thanks for everything and a great tournament.. even for a day.

Thanks to Nemesis Paintball Club and KBS for their hard work and dedication. Awe, Hasnatah and the guys.

Hope to see you guys in Klang.

I'll post more action pics when I get some.

Oh, later that nite.. we came out at TV1 news. hehehe..

From bernama news.