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Monday, October 29, 2007

2 weeks before the Final Showdown!

It's that time again, where you can see almost everyone whose playing tournament paintball, at field training hard. The NPL Final leg is just around the corner (10-11 Nov) and most of them need to catchup on their fitness and game sharpness. Most of the muslim ballers just got back from their Holiday break and they have much work to do! LOL! Including me!

(L-R) Kaymo, Kherox, Wey, Chip

I noticed a group of newbies playing their own small tournament; probably 10-20 kids. Cool! paintball is getting accepted more and more. After getting all mystuff to the players sectiion, I catch up with Wey, some new players for Armada. Also saw players from Demonz, Zealous, Raskal, Tag Effect.

Hows the tummy lah?

Saw more than usual faces, Sani with his always-break-down-and-trigger-crazy gun; a RL Shocker. Also Matt with his new Strange Shocker. I didn't get to see any Droids (missed it). Bah! Saw a few practice games, and I slipped in to snapped a few photos.

Repair apa lagi tu bang?

Armada practiced with a few new players and pretty much did drills and short two-on-twos. Next week will be the final practice before the tournament.

Since bukit jalil is busy with something, alot of MPOC based players came and practiced at MAPAAC. Well, the best place there is! Where else would you want to go?



Anonymous said...

no wonder kena shoot like hell, someone use PSP mode.
but it's fun.
PK. cheers,

Caranthir said...


PK, you always kena early in the game! hehehe