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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Killing Machine Teams up with Nicky Cuba to Release Custom KM7!

Killing Machine made a sick gun for Nicky!

KM7 Features include:
  • The KM7 is everything you want a paintball marker to be: small, light, fast, accurate, and reliable.
  • The KM7 is shorter and lighter than its predecessors, giving you more control to take your game to the next level.
  • The LPR and custom built solenoid work in harmony with the Fuse bolt design to allow the marker to operate at an astounding 145 psi.
  • Lever Locking Feed Neck
  • Revamped self cleaning eye system with new eye wires
  • New 3D body styling with custom laser engraving
  • Ultralite frame
  • 2 piece Ultra Lite barrel
All KM7s also include Hater Paintball's Hatred DM7 Board!

The hardware on the HATRED board was developed with two primary concerns: overall speed and wireless expandability. Each HATRED board comes equipped with a high-performance wireless transceiver, an industry first, which is fully capable of an almost unlimited array of wireless applications.

The HATRED hardware is wholly capable of long-rang transmissions, computer and PDA synchronization, wireless "intellifeeds," and more.

  • Each HATRED board comes pre-loaded with SYMBIO SYNC loader board software for instant wireless synchronization with the SYMBIO loader boards.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY against any and all manufacturing defects
  • Computing capabilities which are ten times faster than any other aftermarket gun board
  • Twenty-two fully adjustable firing modes
  • The most advanced shot processing software in the industry.
  • 32 separate wireless addresses

From Killing Machine:
"All KM7s also include a 2007 Nicky Cuba Team Ironmen Jersey! Impress your friends by claiming that your tight with Nicky. See, he totally gave you his gun and his jersey 'cause your boys. Or you mugged him in the parking lot. It's your money, so you get to make up whatever story you want.

We will also be showing off the guns and our 08 line at the World Cup in Orlando!"