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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Marq 7 Has Arrived in Malaysia!

Newly released and long awaited from Bob Long the MARQ Series Markers. The MARQ is the name designated to Bob Long's ground breaking new marker with currently 3 milling patters (the Marq 6, Marq 7, and Marq 7 Rapper). The new Marq series markers have a ton of new technologies and design features which yield not only a smaller, lighter and faster gun but a longer reaching and straighter shot also.
Inline poppet valve design. (not a spool valve)
  • Internal LPR design
  • Manifold mounted solenoid. (no hoses)
  • Thin ergonomic grip frame.
  • Lightweight.
  • 4 eye operation compatible. (26 bps can be acheived with 4 eyes)
  • No rise wedge feed.
  • Swivel top regulator. ( fitting can be rotated to any position)
Had a chance to shoot this baby over the weekend, and man it rips! Shoots ropes of paint. It also comes with a "self-cleaning" 14" one-piece tournament barrel, which of course cleans itself if you have a ball break in the barrel or breach. It happened during our testing, and although some balls were going everywhere, but NOT VERY FAR from the initial target! Impressive. Closed trigger guard may be a slight discomfort for players with large hands. The microline runs neatly right at the center to the ASA. No more sticking out "L" joint on the sides! Smaller profile. yeay! Better watch out for these babies, they're eat DMs, EGOs & Borgs for breakfast! Sources say, one team has already got their Marqs!