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Thursday, November 15, 2007

MAPAAC in Astaka PJ (3D!)

I was so excited with Sketchup that after I drew the MY-NPL field and bunkers, I decided to do the Astaka field itself! Click on it for a bigger view. These are huge files! I didn't want to put the nettings and poles yet, cause it's pretty tedious and I'm already sleepy (about 1.30am now). Besides, it'll just block the 3D view with black mesh thingy. Not too nice. So, without netting, you can see clearly!

Update: Somehow the old 3D sets went missing, so I updated it with ver1. Corrected orientation of field 2, addition of camera tower and side netting. It doesn't cover all, but just a rough idea. Took me a few little hours to draw the entire tower, with planks, stairs etc:


Saleh said...

What a great job you have done with Sketchup. I tried several times to draw a field layout with it but I was not so lucky and felt frustrated. Very nice drawings.

Good Luck and best regards from Iran

Caranthir said...

Thanks saleh!

Just keep on trying tho, i started with simple shapes first. i'm sure you'll do ok. =D

Saleh said...

Thanks Caranthir!

I'll try my best but I appreciate if you give me some hints on drawing dorito in Sketchup ;)

Take care