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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What's new for next year?

I had a chat with Kherox on what should we have in here, by 2008. Maybe more rumours? more gossips? product review? pro-stores visits? weekly practice photos? short Malaysian paintball videos? Hmmm... maybe we'll do all that! Cause we're crazy enough!

Later tonight, the NPL player council meeting takes place. Myself &Kaymo are guesting with Armada for this last leg and Kherox & Jr will be guesting with another team. Which team? Find out this weekend at MAPAAC!

I'll try to get as much photos as possible, from whatever free time I have in between games. It seems I don't have enough NPL photos! Weel, time to rock on the marker and of course, my camera.

Also I've been designing weird stuffs (eg: logos, shirt designs) to pass the time. As you can see at the top, that logo is quiet nice right? And the banner is cool too! Might wanna design a new one for 2008!


Kherox said...

Yup, more stuff coming your way by next year. Maybe we'll start early by doing it during the end of year offseason.Don't forget to send in your feedback on what you want to see at Villain.

kaymo chaos said...

Please support ur friendly Villains :) Lookin forward to settin the trend for Malaysian paintball in 2008!