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Thursday, November 15, 2007

MY-NPL 2007 Grand Finale - Gallery Update!

Phewww! Still tons of photos to go thru and edit. Surprising, with 9-AF points plus AI Servo and burst mode shooting, most of the photos turn out tacky sharp and well exposed! Meaning more work for me to process them, LOL! I'll try to get them all out, if I can lah. hehehe...

Here's what's this gallery about, for those who just joined us at this blog. It's the the final round of the MY-NPL 2007, held at the MAPAAC Astaka Field in PJ. Photos mainly taken on Sunday and when it wasn't raining! LOL!.

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As always, any comments to the photos are welcome.


wizarde said...

again, another awesome set. kudos.

Anonymous said...

nasib baik itu pisang tak nambak,
kalau tidak monyet cari sama quo.

;o), we want more pic.
thk, cranthir a.k.a big show.