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Friday, November 09, 2007


Who will be the Champ?

The story so far..


Currently Demonz and Nemesis are at 189pts & 175pts respectively. Down at third is Delta Rovers with 152pts. The difference between finishing 1st and 2nd, is only 4 pts! So both Demonz & Nemesis needed to enter the finals, or at least finish higher than the other to take the overall championship. Delta Rovers have the slimmest of chance to overtake both of Demonz & Nemesis, IF both of them didn't make it past prelims, which is highly unlikely. DR could could take 2nd though. It's going to be an exciting finale in PJ!

X-Pursuit & Banzai will be taking in to the final round with 188pts & 179pts each. Both teams looked good and sharp. Regardless of the outcome, both teams will be promoted to D1 next season, and current D1 teams should keep a lookout on this team. Chasing in 3rd place is DR-X. I'm not sure if they could win this leg, but expect some tough fight from these guys. They have improved heaps & bounds over the year.

Wolverinez Sinar FM already secured their overall championship at the last leg in Malacca. Team SPY, Raiders, No Mercy & Ronin Legion are fighting for scraps to secure a higher position. Wolverinez will be promoted to D2 next season and a few more will be joining soon. Zealous (D3 PALS & 3rd Leg Werdnahol Open Champion) is currently lying 8th with 90pts and have no chance fighting for the 'meat' on top.

It's gonna be one hell of a Final. There'll be celebrity & radio personalities game on Sunday and I'll be involve right in the middle of it! Radio stations listed to fight till die are;,,,,, &!

To view the current scores & standings in detail, please visit

Thanks for looking. Do leave a few thoughts in the final showdown!

p/s: Posted this one as Nov entry, so that it remains on top until the Final


Anonymous said...

Bro..I was so amaze with ur fine work on the main poster..This should be the main poster hanging around promoting upcoming finale..but the diff points in D1 is 14 points not 4 points..hopefully not many peoples noticed it..anyway well done..Wondurwah..

Caranthir said...


from the latest NPL ranking excel sheet, points given from 1st to 4th for each leg are as follows:

1st - 50pts
2nd - 46pts
3rd - 43pts
4th - 40pts

Unless i missed out on something..

Anonymous said...

Actually Wolverinez still need to battle it out or else it could become a "hamilton" if you know what i mean. That Aside, your blog is damn excellent , not only in terms of graphics but the grammer( which is considerably important to me to retain my limited attention span) KEEP IT UP BRO! ( and i mean your efforts, not your 'thingi' hahahahah)

Caranthir said...

Ah yes, I'd love to see Wolverine play it all out even when winning is almost certain.

Grammar wise, well I'm actually terrible at writing. I'm trying hard to write with flair and wit. thanks for supporting us.