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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

ELITE - MacDev Paintballs!

So it finally arrived at MAPAAC last week. Last Sunday I had the chance to shoot these "ELITE" paint from MacDev and it was amazing! So brittle that it breaks from a drop test (shoulder high). And the it has a very nice fragrance to it! No more awful smell from other brands. You be going back home smelling nice, this I guarantee you. Come to MAPAAC and have a try. hehehehe..

Late February 2008, Alan (MD Ronin) asked me if I could design a case for MacDev. They wanted to market their own brand of paint, and I thought, why not? Something new to try. We threw some ideas around and decided to use the current Ronin's jersey camo motive as the base design. Then with some simple red theme color and we're all set.

Come March, we have done some rough designs. And I coined the word "ELITE" and we proposed to James of MacDev and he instantly liked it. SO, that would be the name of the Tournament Grade paint for MacDev paint.

After 34 files, 17 stages of design, over 30MB of files - our final design was accepted. James liked it very much. It doesn't end there, MacDev took the design, made some changes and that's how it goes! Didn't go much from the original design. Too see our work on an international product is an extraordinary feeling!

Thanks Alan, James & MacDev for the opportunity.

Here are the final designs. Same basic layout, with different objects. I had design a layout with tanks in the first few layouts, but they didn't want it at that time. Guess they liked it. hehehe...

The signature "Villain" trademark is there in the design of the box. Loved it!

Edit: Apparently to it is too brittle for some others out there. I personally had one ball break the first time I shot it (with Droid) and that's about it. After 'air' it for a while, it shoots fine! Don't leave it under the hot sun still in their bags for 30 minutes! You'll get out of shape paint for sure.

Open the bags, pour everything in the case.. let it rest for 10-15 minutes. It should shoot just fine.

Oh and, wash immediately after you get hit. My stains still there, and might disappear after a few more washes. *sigh*

Edit again: It seems there are some paintballs that are slightly different bore size than the .68 calibre. Sometimes its up to .693 and causes ball breaks! Keep on eye on this folks. When they're perfectly round shape, they shoot awesome. When they're not.. aiyooo..


badman said...

hey... local designer's work on international product..! congrats bro..
yet to test it but the day will come, that's for sure... ;-)

Caranthir said...

thanks! Now waiting for the field grade paint to be launched. hehe..

badman said...

how'd the price be..? same with the others or would it be cheaper?
how abt distributors here? only from ronin..?

Caranthir said...

Price would be the same as MAPAAC rates, as they would be selling them. For MY-NPL 2009 series, this paint will be widely used as well.

No, Ronin does not sell or distribute this paint.

Anonymous said...
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