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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dutch Lady SHINE Project - It Starts in ME

Some of you may have came to know about it, through my endless emails and sms, or perhaps you have stumbled upon the advertisement on the tele. Yes, I am one of the finalist and I need your generous help.

SHINE Project -It Starts In Me is a contest where all finalist will share their dreams and aspirations and the top 3 finalist will receive RM15,000 as a stepping stone to make their dreams come true.

Winners will be judged based on 50% voting, and 50% from judges' marks. Therefore, to ensure a safe placing, I need to be at least top 3 with a huge gap with the fourth place.

It has been 3 weeks and all finalist have been giving stiff competition to each other. Votes were added up almost every single minute.

As I am writing this, I am being chased closely by the 4th place and I dont know how long I can sustain...So I am indeed in need of your generous help my dear friends.

Please vote for AFZARINA, a bottle of SHINE yogurt drink will only cost you RM1.99 at Giants, RM1.95 at Jusco, the Yogurt is much cheaper at only Rm1.59 in Giant. Oh, highest voters will win shopping vouchers too.

SO the more you vote, the more you stand a chance to win too.

How do you vote?
Buy any of the SHINE products and peel of the sticker of the cap to reveal the unique code. Use the code to vote for me at

Where can you get SHINE?
As mentioned earlier, Jusco, Giants, Cold Storage, Tesco and other major supermarkets.

The more you vote, the higher the chances for my team and I to win this.
Voting period ends on 28th Dec 2008, so hurry up guys, there's only 7 more days to go!

I'd like to stress that this money is to support our team to play next year, and help us to go further in the game itself. You may not know me that well to vote for me, but you may know Mas, Azhari or Kerol. Voting for me means voting for them too.

Come on guys, Loloq has won Nescafe Kickstart and let this SHINE contest be another eye opener to the public that Paintball is a sport with a future and a game which WOMEN can play and be good at!