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Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Adventure - Millennium Series, Paris - Day 3

Day 3

After a much needed rest the night before, we all woke up to the prospect of playing on Sunday - if we beat our opponents in the quaterfinals for both ICC and Millennium Cup. We were scheduled to play London Nexus (CPL) for our final Millennium Cup preliminary game and later on, our quaterfinals group B in the ICC.

Our game against London Nexus was around 8.30am and we're pretty much pumped out. It's always good to play higher ranking teams, especially CPL teams. You have so many things to learn. And this is definitely not an embarassment considering how low our standards are in Malaysia. It's an opportunity to learn, do it well and gain as much experience as we can get.

This time around, we were much prepared. Games started with heavy laning, sweet spotting and alot of 50 snake runs. We traded alot of bodies with Nexus. We were playing our hearts out and at the same time, we kept our awareness on might-be-hit shots - to stop getting silly penalties. Nexus snakeman, Jason Wheeler made the most damage from snake side and we lost the match 0-4.

What a beating, but what an experience! Andy finally reunited with his old buddy Jamie Abbot, who later gave him his jersey on Sunday after the game againts Chilli Peppers.

And so after finishing last in our Group E, we were out of the Millennium Cup and into the Millennium Shield pool. Next game at midday was against Marseille Icon, for our ICC quaterfinals game. Icon topped Group L and was one of the favourites to go into the top 4.

Later in the evening, we will play against Vision Klub. So we took the time to walk around the tournament venue and made some purchases from some of the vendors. Among us, we bought easily 3-4 pbfashion's headwraps!

While we still had time, we helped pitting for Stockholm Ignition when they were up against Mallorca Madness. The Swedes were there during our previous games to help out, so it's our turn now. It was an eye opening experience to see how they handled their games from the staging area point of view. Paint, water, clean pods, wiping cloths - all were managed very carefully. Ignition lost 3-4 to the Spaniards and were relegated to play Millennium Shield later on.

By midday, it was our ICC game against Marseille Icon (CPL) at the CPL field. We had help from both Ignition and Consilium Dei at our staging area. Extra pods, more paint, extra gun, extra hands, extra spotter & coach. The whole entourage! It felt really good not to have worry about other stuffs and you can really focus on your game play.

This time around, we made the same mistakes again. We got ourselves penalties each and every game and it's hard to get back into the game, especially against Icon. You have to stay clean of penalties to at least stand a chance of getting any points from them, and in fact any other teams. Icon made really light work of us and stomped to a 4-0 win. That was our final game for ICC and the end of it.

We also heard that Bullets simply didn't showed up for their quaterfinals game and gave away a walkover. Lucky break for Demonz Red. They went on the semis and got smashed by Joy and still ended up on the podium.

By 5pm we were already preparing our quarterfinals game against Vision Klub (D2) at JT field. Vision has a CPL team called Vision PPC Grenoble, so we already know we're into a very tough match. We welcomed back Walter Troost back into our roster and were looking forward for a win.

At the buzzer, we started evenly. Gs on the break and alot of holding our lanes and zones. We lost the first game and came back to tie 1-1 on the second game. Vision Klub then stepped up their game and won two straight points and took the lead 1-3. By this time, we made some drastic changes and went for more aggressive approach. The plan worked as we grabbed two straight points to tie the match 3-3.

On the decisive game, a delay in referee calling a few Vision player out were the keys to our downfall. We lost in a very tight game. We made some in field protest, but decisions were final. Vision Klub goes through. Our dream had end.

It was fun while it lasted.