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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How it started

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Paintball videos
It all started when we got a copy of a local paintball tournament on DVD. We spent an hour watching it. A few days after that we met up and talked about it. Some of the common reactions, After watching it, we thought we could do something similar, perhaps slightly better. Afterall, we don't have any experience in videoshooting a paintball game, let alone produce a DVD of it.

So, one day Kherox & Kaymo brought their DVCam and we started shooting game practices. Doesn't matter whos playing, we thought we just need some game footages to start off.

And we did.

The crew
I came out with a simple video of Team WK Army, and everything took off after that! Shafril (da Boss from Team el-Bandito) soon joined in the crew. Now it's Kherox, Kaymo, Da Boss and myself, Caranthir.

We went out again for practice the next week and shoot more videos! With some creative editing and some catchy punk music, we compiled a few training videos. And here they are.


Download video Part 1 (50MB)
Download video Part 2 (continuation of part 1)(109MB)
Download Bandito-Hybrid video (32MB)

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All videos are in MPEG-2 SVCD format, and you need to have the latest MPEG codecs to view it properly.