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Thursday, May 11, 2006

New Project

Yeay Villain!

We got a new gig! We'll be making a video of the 2nd leg MPOC (Malaysian Paintball Operators Circuit). After lenghty discussions with Xtionpaintball, we got the green light to go ahead!

Cams everywhere
We managed to secure 4 DVcams for this task. We drafted our youngest team member, 'Jr' to handle the fourth camera. The other three would be between me, Kherox & Kaymo. Da Boss will be handling the cameras in between breaks, etc. We're short of spare batteries and we had to make do with whatever time we could spare during the tournament to recharge the batteries.

It was an interesting experience for all of us. We were practically lying down behind bunkers, beside players, in the line of fire - just to get the perfect video shot. Of course it helps if you have high-end cams, but DVcams will have to do.

25++ GB
So, after we shot everything we compiled all our digital footage we realised we had about 25GB++ of data, slightly 8 hours of video from four cams!


Looks like we had to call in the heavy artillery to process all these data. Kherox souped up PC will be used over the weekend for our studio works. While I had about 12GB of data, I managed to come up with a teaser/trailer of the upcoming video.

So check it out!


Download trailer (83MB)

Right-click on the link and select 'Save target as..'.

You need MPEG-2 decoder to view it well. Its a SVCD MPEG format. Download and watch it! Feel free to comment!