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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Weekend production

Kherox, da Boss & myself met up again at PSS to start working on the upcoming MPOC video. When I reached PSS slightly around 10am, I saw Kherox, Ibrahim (another WK Army player) with his friend having some drinks at the nearby mamak shop. Chatted up for awhile before we got back to work.

Met up with Lil Jon and Boss soon afterwards and we started brainstorming on the project. We compiled, reviewed and indexed all the videos. Kherox brought in his power PC to handle such huge amount of video! Thanks Kherox.

Jon left slightly before 12pm and Boss left around noon. Kherox and me worked on until 2pm. We had lunch at the famous Restoran Merah in TTDI Jaya and soon got back to work again.

5.30pm, we packed our bags and headed home. I brought another copy of the footage and I'll be working on it later tonight. Wohoo!, what a way to spend your friday night! Watching paintball videos!