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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Slow Saturday

I couldn't finish the indexing last night due to incorrect codecs i have in my PC. With the buggy ADSL line, I didn't get to fix it. Now I am at PSS, hoping to rectify my problem, and start to work on it.

Waiting for Boss to come in.

Kherox is away at work and balik kampung afterwards.

Tonight is the FA Cup! Too many distractions, but show must go on. On with the production!

New gadgets?
Okay, some of us here at Villain has been drooling over HDCam stuffs. Especially the Sony HDV handycam. Me like. Boss, Kherox go get two please!



kaymo said...

Saw this camera at Sony Wings KLCC... the video quality is magnificient & so is d price tag.

Recommend to buy it together with d sports pack to safeguard the investment

Villain said...

specs? nothing less than a HD Handyam ar.. ok, when can we swipe your card?

kaymo said...

har har har... that u gotta ask d PSS bosses hehehe

kherox said...

C/card full already hahahahaha

naka said...

Err... Can used Bonuslink card or not... or the PAL id card... heheh... I got 1 videocam but using DVC tape... I can join u guys if not playing.. can I..?? but the video quality sure not as good like the HDV handycam....