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Friday, March 06, 2009

PALM SERIES - RESULTS - Podium Finish for Malaysian Teams!

Congrats boys! Unofficially, both DRX & Nemesis Legion made it to the podium. Looks like both teams played D2? More info will be added in. Let's get some confirmation as soon as we can.

What I have so far:

Division 1:
1 - LA Ironmen
2 - Datis (Iran)
3 - Sabotage (Netherlands)
4 - Maxs (Germany)

*Toulouse Tontons lost to Datis in Semi Final but they didn't play for 3rd place due to unknown reasons.

Division 2:
1 - Xtioneers (Malaysia)
2 - Persian Legends (Iran)
3 - Nemesis Legion (Malaysia)
4 - DXG Dubai (UAE)


PiPeRs said...

taniah kepada team malaysia....
caya lah nemesisi

Anonymous said...

Congrats guys! Great Job!!!