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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Story from Kish

Another rainy morning and let's have some 'hot' stuffs to warm things up. On the recent great showing of our teams at PALM Series in Kish Island, there were some interesting 'stories' that came with it as well. Enjoy and don't take this seriously. You'll just ruin a great cool morning.
  1. A Datis player shouted "Don't give that guy his ID card - I've been in 3 WCA and I never get any" to a certain Malaysian player.
  2. A handful of Iranian teams pulled out at the last minute, protesting on the 'fixed' scheduling.
  3. There were medals, but no prize money - sorry.
  4. Referees were very bias, especially to their home teams. Go figure.
  5. Datis cheated, crowd saw it, referees ignored it.
  6. Tons Tons boycotted the 3rd/4th playoff because of poor refereeing. refer point no. 5.
  7. DRX was supposed to play in D1 and then changed their minds when they learnt Nemesis is playing in D2.
  8. Event is disorganised and poor communications between event staff really shows.
  9. One Malaysian team tried to 'avoid' paying the entrance fee, but dully did so in expecting huge payout from the prize money. Then refer point no. 3.
  10. It was rumored beforehand that this event will also serve as the meeting point for the discussion on UPBF and the whole paintball universe.
  11. A Malaysian paintball store tried to use a strong arm tactic and force Malaysia's top league to accept paint supply only from them or else they'll make a new league just for the heck of it.
  12. Malaysia paintball scene is no different from the US. We all try to kill each other and still put up a friendly face everytime we meet.