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Monday, May 29, 2006

Sunday Game - Training for NPL Refs

Another Sunday, another practice. On the 21st May, we were invited by Delta Rovers to have some practice games with the NPL refs. We agreed. On that day, there were like 15-20 new refs being trained by En. Hasnol, a certified NPPL ref.

We had a great practice, thanks to the number of teams that came. If I remembered correctly, Tag Rovers, Delta Rovers, Banditos, WK Army, Nemesis, Armada, Outcast and more!

Anyways, we made a short video of that day, and its all about the new refs. Enjoy.

Download NPL Refs Practice (79MB)


Sunday, May 28, 2006

MPOC Video Updates

Caranthir & myself are hold up at a secret location trying to finish up on the MPOC video. Been here since morning & we got just the first 15 sec ready.What the �**@( !!

Can't write now,gotta finish up the next 15 sec of clip.....will update soon.

kherox out

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Practice video is up!

After the proper codecs downloaded and installed, I finally finish the video. It's a 7 minute, high-resolution video, featuring the new Speed feed from Matt, Paintballunited. If you have any problems viewing the video, you can download the codec here.

Download Sunday Practice video (151MB)

It features some of the big teams in Malaysian paintball scene. Refer previous blog entry.

Right-click on the links and select 'Save target as...'


23/5/06 ~ Added in the shorter version of Speed Feed video. Check out the link.


Monday, May 15, 2006

Sunday Practices

Last Sunday, Kherox and myself were in Xtionpaintball to catch some teams practices for various tourneys. We know the Banditos will be there, but we're not sure about other teams. We came to shoot a promo video for Paintball United's new product, the Speed Feeds!. Watch about that product reviewed in our latest Villain video soon.

Oh back to the team practice games, it turned out an exciting day for us as we get to skirmish with a number of teams! Not to mention some cool actions on video we got as well. Teams that turned out last Sunday (in no particular order) are Banditos, X-Fox, Guns n Bruises, Nemesis, Sogo Ballbusters, Demonz, GanG, WK Army and more! There were still players coming in when we left about 5pm.

Okay, hope to post the video up soon.

To those who would love to to feature their products or services, or whatever that's related to paintball in Villain videos, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can have those advertisements at the back of the latest paintball videos. That way, you can 'bring the product/services' to the players out there!

both game pics taken by Wan Mad of team Assassin-X


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Slow Saturday

I couldn't finish the indexing last night due to incorrect codecs i have in my PC. With the buggy ADSL line, I didn't get to fix it. Now I am at PSS, hoping to rectify my problem, and start to work on it.

Waiting for Boss to come in.

Kherox is away at work and balik kampung afterwards.

Tonight is the FA Cup! Too many distractions, but show must go on. On with the production!

New gadgets?
Okay, some of us here at Villain has been drooling over HDCam stuffs. Especially the Sony HDV handycam. Me like. Boss, Kherox go get two please!


Weekend production

Kherox, da Boss & myself met up again at PSS to start working on the upcoming MPOC video. When I reached PSS slightly around 10am, I saw Kherox, Ibrahim (another WK Army player) with his friend having some drinks at the nearby mamak shop. Chatted up for awhile before we got back to work.

Met up with Lil Jon and Boss soon afterwards and we started brainstorming on the project. We compiled, reviewed and indexed all the videos. Kherox brought in his power PC to handle such huge amount of video! Thanks Kherox.

Jon left slightly before 12pm and Boss left around noon. Kherox and me worked on until 2pm. We had lunch at the famous Restoran Merah in TTDI Jaya and soon got back to work again.

5.30pm, we packed our bags and headed home. I brought another copy of the footage and I'll be working on it later tonight. Wohoo!, what a way to spend your friday night! Watching paintball videos!


Thursday, May 11, 2006

New Project

Yeay Villain!

We got a new gig! We'll be making a video of the 2nd leg MPOC (Malaysian Paintball Operators Circuit). After lenghty discussions with Xtionpaintball, we got the green light to go ahead!

Cams everywhere
We managed to secure 4 DVcams for this task. We drafted our youngest team member, 'Jr' to handle the fourth camera. The other three would be between me, Kherox & Kaymo. Da Boss will be handling the cameras in between breaks, etc. We're short of spare batteries and we had to make do with whatever time we could spare during the tournament to recharge the batteries.

It was an interesting experience for all of us. We were practically lying down behind bunkers, beside players, in the line of fire - just to get the perfect video shot. Of course it helps if you have high-end cams, but DVcams will have to do.

25++ GB
So, after we shot everything we compiled all our digital footage we realised we had about 25GB++ of data, slightly 8 hours of video from four cams!


Looks like we had to call in the heavy artillery to process all these data. Kherox souped up PC will be used over the weekend for our studio works. While I had about 12GB of data, I managed to come up with a teaser/trailer of the upcoming video.

So check it out!


Download trailer (83MB)

Right-click on the link and select 'Save target as..'.

You need MPEG-2 decoder to view it well. Its a SVCD MPEG format. Download and watch it! Feel free to comment!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How it started

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Paintball videos
It all started when we got a copy of a local paintball tournament on DVD. We spent an hour watching it. A few days after that we met up and talked about it. Some of the common reactions, After watching it, we thought we could do something similar, perhaps slightly better. Afterall, we don't have any experience in videoshooting a paintball game, let alone produce a DVD of it.

So, one day Kherox & Kaymo brought their DVCam and we started shooting game practices. Doesn't matter whos playing, we thought we just need some game footages to start off.

And we did.

The crew
I came out with a simple video of Team WK Army, and everything took off after that! Shafril (da Boss from Team el-Bandito) soon joined in the crew. Now it's Kherox, Kaymo, Da Boss and myself, Caranthir.

We went out again for practice the next week and shoot more videos! With some creative editing and some catchy punk music, we compiled a few training videos. And here they are.


Download video Part 1 (50MB)
Download video Part 2 (continuation of part 1)(109MB)
Download Bandito-Hybrid video (32MB)

Right-click on the links and select 'Save target as...'

All videos are in MPEG-2 SVCD format, and you need to have the latest MPEG codecs to view it properly.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

We have a home!

We have a home now! Videos will be up soon. I'm still trying to figure out on how to make this blog works. Hahaha. Let's see how it goes.